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Great Additions To Your Home That You Will Wonder How You Lived Without

Our homes are the one place that we go to at the end of the day to relax and unwind. The place where we can truly be ourselves, and whether we rent or own our homes, we often take pride in the way they are presented and the things that are in them. As time has moved on, so has technology, which often means that our homes get some improvements and additions to help keep with the times. I wanted to share with you some of the great additions that you may have or considering adding to your home that will find you wondering how you loved without them before.


Coffee machine

As a parent, I think you can all agree that coffee, for many, is the thing that can get you through the day. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to you to know that many people invest in a coffee machine. With the ability to make strong and cafe quality coffee, along with doing it quickly, means that you get that cup first thing when you need it the most.

A home assistant

More recently there has been the addition of Home assistants to the home where the like amazon have released “Alexa” Google have their “Google home” and even Apple have created “HomePod” that uses Siri. These home assistants are there to play your music answer questions and even switch the lights on and off. They are relatively new and advancing all of the time, and this great blog from vouchercloud highlights some of the things you could consider doing with yours. Once you have one, you might wonder how you lived without asking “Google home” what the weather is like for the day.

The vacuum that hoovers your house itself

There is such a thing where there is a vacuum that cleans your house itself, and it is only the start of what is to come I think. It sits against the wall, you programme a time, and it goes around your space hoovering up. Of course, it isn’t as advanced to go upstairs etc just yet, but there is only a matter of time.

Digital TV

What would we do without the hundreds of channels available to us these days? I am not even sure. Digital TV from the likes of Virgin or Sky has transformed our viewing. Giving us the options of movies or complete box sets at the click of a button, endless channels devoted to different genres like nature or history, and programmes being streamed in high definition. Who could live without it now?

The internet

Finally, the one thing that makes most of the gadgets we love work and possible. The internet. Our homes are pretty well connected these days. TV’s and phones connect, even certain things like coffee machines or computer printers might need internet access these days. The internet can govern our home, and so now I am not even sure what we would do without it.

What home addition could you not live without?