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How to Build a Stone Barbecue

Having a backyard and not using it every single day is just like not having it at all. You can turn it into a space where you can host your parties, eat your meals, watch your favourite movies, play catch with your kids, or simply hang out with your family – but, whatever you do, the point is to actually use it! In order to make the most of your backyard, you should also consider building a barbecue somewhere in there, and thus really take this outdoor area to a whole new level. If you want to build a stone barbecue, but don’t know how, here are a couple of details that might help you.

How to Build a Stone Barbecue

The Location

Everything about the housing market and your home itself is about the location, and the position of the grill is no exception. You can basically do whatever you want – it’s your backyard and your barbecue, after all – but give it some thought first.

Try to position the barbecue as close to your kitchen as possible; that way, you’ll save yourself a ton of time carrying the ingredients and the food from one to the other. Also, outdoor grills can be dangerous, so be sure to keep yours a safe distance from any trees or plants, just to make sure you don’t start a fire.

The Regulations

Unfortunately, you can’t just decide you want to build a barbecue in your backyard and start doing it right away. There are certain rules that define these kinds of things, and you have to follow them closely, unless you want to get into trouble.

First, check with your local government and see what sorts of regulations define these projects. Then move onto getting all the necessary permits for building a stone barbecue, and, in the end, check the rules that might limit the use of a barbecue on your property. These things sound like quite a hassle, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Foundations

Every barbecue has several parts, and those made from stone are no different. You should begin by laying the first group of flat stones on the ground you’ve previously prepared, and then fill the space between them using some kind of a mortar mix. You can use whichever sort you want, but things aren’t that simple when it comes to the stones.

You need to use quality stones only, and make sure they’re practical, easy to clean, weather-resistant and durable, so you can continue using them in the years to come without investing too much time and effort into maintenance. You can even incorporate some bricks into the picture as well, thus making your barbecue extra special and visually attractive.

The Building Process

Once you’ve created the foundations and come up with a design you’ll be using, it’s time to continue the work. Keep adding layers of stone until you’re satisfied with the height of your new stone barbecue, but be sure to have enough mortar mix to fill all the gaps between the layers and the stones.

Once you’re done building, you can use some flagstone and decorate the sides of the barbecue – again using mortar to fill the empty spaces – and thus get a sturdier structure. This is particularly important for people living in places prone to harsh weather conditions, but if you do your job properly, you won’t have to worry about anything. In the end, just remove the excess mortar and clean the entire barbecue, and you’re almost ready for grilling!

The Braces and Grill

However, before you can enjoy your meat, you have to take care of the finishing touches first. Get some metal braces and attach them to the top layer of your stones as these will hold the grill and basically make or break your barbecue. Don’t make a mistake and put them on the stones, though, because that’s just not good enough – place them in the mortar instead.

After that, wait a couple of days for everything to dry, and then you can attach the grill onto the braces. Don’t forget to get a maintenance kit as well – some cleaning tools and a grill brush – if you want your grill to remain sparkling clean in the future as well. Once that’s done, you can start grilling your meat!

Building a stone barbecue sounds like a lot of work and a job for a professional, which is why very few people decide to do it on their own and get a small gas grill instead. While that may sound like a decent replacement, you’ll definitely be able to notice the difference in the quality and the texture of your meat, so don’t be afraid to invest some time and money into a stone barbecue instead – trust us, it will be worth your while in the end!