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6 Simple Ways to Save More and Spend Less

Everyone knows that saving money is a great way to set yourself up for a more successful financial future. The less you spend, and the more you have hidden away in your bank account, the easier it will be to deal with emergency situations and sudden expenses when they crop up. At the same time, regular saving helps you to achieve your long-term goals, like putting a deposit on a house or saving for your pension.

While saving money isn’talways easy, there are plenty of ways that you can improve yourspending habits without giving up on all the things you enjoy. Here are justsome of the easiest ways to spend less and save more.

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1.  Use A Programmable Thermostat

You’d be surprised how much money you wasteevery day just because your house is spending too much time heating and coolingitself. When you’re at work, you can easilyadjust a programmable thermostat to keep your bills lower depending on the timeof the year.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you haveto be uncomfortable at home, but if you’re not around anyway, then you might aswell keep your energy usage as low as possible. Turn down the thermostat asmuch as you can and watch your bank account thrive.

2.   Use Vouchers with Care

Vouchers and coupons are a great way tosave money on your everyday purchases. However, it’s important to make surethat you know how to properly use yourcoupons without going too far. For instance, you could use a coupon to buy a bulk pack of the kitchentowels you use every month. However, using a voucher to buy an item that youwould never have considered purchasing otherwise isn’t a great way to save.

Collect coupons exclusively for the itemsthat you use on aregular basis and think twice before you use them.

3.   Look for Lower Rates

Many of us overspend on our monthly billsbecause we spend too money on the things we have to pay for every month. Justbecause you got a great deal when you first signed up with your energy companydoesn’t necessarily mean that you’re still getting a good deal now. It’s worthgoing online and comparing your options with a website to see whether adifferent vendor could provide you with something more appealing.

Remember, you can compare and switch a number of things, including your insurancepayments, and broadband providers too.

4.   Is Sky The Limit?

Speaking of Sky, it might be time to ask yourself whether you’re really using your subscription. If you’re constantly paying for Sky TV every month, butyou find yourself spending more time on Netflix when you get home from work,then you could be wasting money on something that you don’t really need. Streaming entertainment instead ofbuying it from the likes of Sky can be a lot cheaper, and many streamingservices now come with a huge amount ofchoice. Check out your options online and select the membership that’s mostappealing to you. There are even specific streaming services out there forgenres like horror and drama.

5.   Plan Dinners Ahead of Time

Another majorreason why many of us end up over-spendingis that we forget to create a list of items that we need when we go groceryshopping. While it’s tempting to simplygo shopping when you’re hungry and throw anything you feel like into the cart,that can lead to some seriousoverspending. Make sure that you sit in your kitchen and write a list of allthe items you might need for meals throughout the week, then stick to it whenyou go shopping. Otherwise, you could miss keyingredients for a dish, and end up ordering food instead.

6.   Forget the Gym Membership

Finally, although there’s nothing wrongwith having a commitment to fitness, it’simportant to think carefully about howoften you genuinely go to the gym, and whether you’re getting yourmoney’s worth. If you only go to the gym sporadically, you can probably get thesame exercise by working out at home or going for a jog in your local area.

Giving up your gym membership doesn’t haveto mean giving up on opportunities to socialise either. There are plenty ofways that you can still connect with people by joining yoga or fitness groupsfor instance. Check out what’s available in your local area and change up yourexercise strategy.

Bonus Tip: If you are a big fan of coffee, I’m sure plenty of pennies have been spent on buying hot drinks from your local coffee shop. Well I urge you to check out this guide from Wayfair that shows how you can make the perfect cup of coffee from the comfort of your home, which could save you a lot of money in the long run!