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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car

Cutting down on alcohol. Getting a bit more exercise. Spending more quality time with family and friends. These are all typical resolutions that are made at New Year. And very laudable they are, too. That said, many of us fail to pay sufficient attention to one of the most important things we have in our lives, especially in winter. Think about it. Your car is not a mere tool for getting from A to B but a place where you can unwind after a hard day at work as you travel home, a safe haven for the kids after you pick them up from school in the rain and a faithful companion when you need to travel out of town. 

Therefore, it is a good idea to make some New Year’s resolutions for your car as well as yourself. Doing so will decrease the likelihood of you facing a breakdown when you are out on the road. It could end up saving money, as well. What should you be resolving to do with your car in the next few weeks and months?

New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car

Check Your Tyres 

Well maintained tyres which are properly pumped up and devoid of defects like bulges run more efficiently. This saves you money on fuel in the long run and is also good for the environment. Have ageing tyres replaced especially if the tyre tread is approaching the legal limit.

Book an MOT Early

Don’t put your MOT off until the last minute as so many drivers tend to. If you wait until your car is going to be no longer legal on the road, then you could invalidate your insurance. You might end up taking your car to a mechanic miles away. Choose a time that suits you by booking your MOT early. Remember that you will be able to guarantee the safety of your vehicle by getting your MOT test done in London at Iversons where you can reserve your booking in advance.

Test Your Brakes

High-pitched squealing when you apply your brake can mean that the pads are becoming worn down and need to be replaced. Equally, you may find that your car stops well enough under usual weather conditions but is less responsive when it is wet. Either way, don’t wait until you need to make an emergency manoeuvre to discover your brakes aren’t working correctly.

Have Your Car Serviced

A simple car service could save your hundreds of pounds if some fault or other is discovered which means you don’t end up needing to buy a replacement part. Driving on with a misaligned set of wheels or a bearing which has come loose often leads to more damage if left. Dealing with problems at an early stage is so much more cost-effective.