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6 most common issues with home renovation

For every person out there who has attempted the gargantuan task of home renovation, there are at least ten other people who haven’t even bothered. The latter would much rather go about fixing the tiny aspects that have gone wrong, such as a quick light bulb or tap fix rather than dig a little deeper and get down to the real root of the problem. Unfortunate, but true. However, it is worthwhile asking why exactly is this the case?

For all those of you who are still wondering, it is primarily because many people out there have a personal horror story about the aspect of home renovation or have heard about it from friends and family. Even hearing about one or two stories just in passing is enough to put some people off the idea for good. The saddest part is that quite a few people are themselves responsible for the failure of the project simply because they ended up hiring the wrong person or undervaluing their own project.

6 most common issues with home renovation

Even though the above can sometimes be avoided by doing your homework, being aware of certain key aspects is the real key here. From garage doors to your flooring, everything needs to be thoroughly taken into account. On that very note, here are the top six most common issues associated with home renovation:-

  • Too many high multiple quotes: Here, the services take advantage of your ignorance for the most part. To avoid this, research and do your homework thoroughly regarding every single aspect. Sure, the service isn’t cheap, but it’s not very expensive either.
  • The professional doesn’t show up: This is probably the most common problem out there. To avoid this, the first thing to do is check research and reference reviews, but that is just scraping the surface. To delve deeper, one will have to make sure that you meet different contractors face to face just to hear what they have to say about their services.
  • Hiring a family member or friend: Home renovations are extremely long-drawn and stressful, to say the least. Not only will you be asking someone who doesn’t really have the full expertise, but they would not want to let you down in any way, which will only backfire ultimately. Hence, always keep it professional and look to Garman Builders Renovations if you want the job completed to the highest quality.
  • Hiring someone who has worked for you before: Another very common mistake that a lot of people make. Asking a mere roofer or plumber for help with your home renovation project is quite a foolish move. Not only do they lack the expertise, but they definitely won’t have the necessary tools as well.
  • Running out of money: Fancy stuff like luxury finishes and the like can very well end up with you running out of savings before the project is done. Hence, avoid such unnecessary ornate work and focus on all of the hard costs such as framing, drywall, concrete and the like. Focusing on what really matters is essential for the long run in every way.
  • Not a quality job: Sometimes, you don’t always “get what you pay for” unfortunately. Many times homeowners tend to rush things without bothering to sort out all the necessary details. Let the contractor handle all of the basic stuff and when it comes to the finishes and finer points, you can take over. Or make sure that the contractor you are hiring has a designer on his team.

Finally, for all those who are still not too convinced and unsure, one can admit that for every failed home renovation project, there have been a good five to ten successful ones that have had little to no problems. In this particular regard, who you ultimately choose to work with will make all the difference in the word. It is precisely for this reason alone that one needs to do their homework and personally inspect each and every aspect of the project at hand just to make sure that everything is going smoothly.