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How to Eat Healthily During a Busy Lifestyle

Eating healthily during a busy lifestyle can be difficult, especially if you are focusing on getting the kids to eat wellrather than yourself. However, taking the time to ensure that you have a healthy diet is important as this will give you more energy and improve your health, ensuring that you can care for your children and perform your job to the best of your ability.

Get Diet Plans Delivered

Diets can be difficult to stick to at the best of times. When you haven’t had enough time to pop to the shops, or you are running too late to make a full, healthy dinner for both you and the kids, this can be difficult. However, by getting your diet food delivered to your door, you will be able to base your diet around your schedule and ensure that you always have a healthy lunch or dinner at hand. At Result Plan, your meals are tailored towards a simple nutritional assessment and your own goals, ensuring that whatever your aim, you will always have the ingredients to achieve this delivered straight to your doorstep.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Although it can be easy to believe that breakfast isn’t important, it is actually the most important meal of the day. Breakfast both helps you concentrate throughout the day, stops snacking, and kick-starts your metabolism. Although in the frenzy of the school run and getting ready for work breakfast can be the last thing on your mind, you should always make time for it. For example, you can freeze crescent roll dough for the week ahead, and quickly bake a few rolls off each morning. Baking fresh each day like this ensures your rolls don’t go stale by Friday, making every breakfast enjoyable. If time is still an issue, there are many quick on-the-go breakfast options too, with items such as Weetabix drinks and cereal bars.

Cook With the Kids

Cooking with the kids hits two birds with one stone as it allows you to spend quality time with the kids while ensuring that you are creating a healthy meal. However, over a fifth of UK parents admit to only cooking with their kids on occasion. Not only this, but this is a great opportunity to discuss with them how to eat healthily and to show them how eating well can also be delicious. This also ensures that the kids are entertained while you cook, ensuring that there are little distractions and that you will not be tempted to throw a meal in the microwave in the middle of a chaotic evening. By cooking the same meal for them as you are for yourself, you are taking the same level of care over your own diet as you would that of your children.

Take Lunch With You

When we are out and about without food, every restaurant, café and supermarket looks tempting. However, much of this quick food tends to be extremely unhealthy for us. To stop yourself from getting a takeaway bite to eat in the middle of the day, you should ensure that you take your lunch and any snacks you may want with you. You should ensure that you take your lunch to work by preparing it the night before with the kid’s lunchboxes as this will mean that you do not need to spend the time you do not have on preparation in the morning.