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Cleaning Your Rifle

A rifle, like every other machine can encounter wear and tear or rusting, this is why, proper maintenance of your rifle is important, and the best way of maintaining you rifle is by cleaning it regularly.

Not minding the age of the rifle, it is important that you clean it regularly, so that you can inspect the small hidden features of the rifle for fractures that can cause you danger when you need to shoot.

Dirt, wear and tear, rust, can cause your rifle to stop or malfunction at any point. This is why many people keep it in a safe space at all times, such as in shoulder holsters. Since, the most commonly used rifle today is the bolt-action rifle, we would give you reasons to clean your bolt- action rifle , what you need to clean your action rifle and how you can remove foreign materials from your action rifle.


  1. Reliability and accuracy: You can’t rely on a firearm that is not properly maintained. Fouling in your rifle can cause it to fail you when you need to fire and can cause you death.   Copper build up inside the barrel of a rifle can affect its calibration and in and turn hinder its accuracy. Learn more about calibrating your rifle.
  • Guarantees durability: It no news that proper maintenance of any machine promotes it longevity. A rifle can last generations without rusting or malfunctioning with frequent cleaning and lubrications
  • You know the workings of your rifle: When you have dismantled your rifle to clean, you tend to appreciate how it works upon putting it back together.


Before you begin to clean your rifle, you need to know the right tools and agents to use

  • Cleaning rod: You need a rod that allows for easy transport, and you would also be needing caliber brushes for the bore of the rifle.
  •  Cleaning Strips: cloth strip doesn’t do go for a huge amount. You need it for your caliber rifle.
  • Solvent: There are varieties of solvent to choose from, you will need one for powder removal and another for cleaning barrel fouling. 
  • Rifle holder: a rifle holder help you securely hold the rifle in place while you are work on it. A gun vice is mostly used for this purpose.
  • Rust Protector: You need to use this on your rifle once you are done cleaning


Unload the rifle: This is more of a safety precaution than a process. The first thing to do when you are not shooting is to unload your rifle. Failure can lead to serious injury or death while cleaning. Point the rifle in safe direction, and check the action before you continue.

Disassemble partially: Place the rifle in the gun vise and loosen the bolt and take out the trigger assembly out.

Inspect and wipe: closely check the rifle if there is any anything out of place, worn out, crack. After inspecting, use a clean towel to wipe down to remove dust, powder, grits etc.

Clean Barrel: Cleaning from the rear. Attach a clean patch to the tip of the cleaning rod, dip or soak bore cleaner and send it down the barrel. Now attach your caliber bore brush to the rod and push it in and out of the barrel repeatedly. Lastly, put the patch on the rod and run it through the barrel until it get white

Clean Metal parts: With a clean towel soaked in solvent, wipe down the inner compartment of magazine box, trigger guard, bolt, bolt face and every other metal part. Make sure to wipe out the solvent .

Apply rust protection/ lubrication: Apply rust protection or lubricant on a paper towel and use it to wipe all metal part.

Reassemble: Once you are done with the cleaning, put your rifle together, cycle it and test it a couple time to make sure  everything is working fine. Additionally, it is advisable to store your rifle in a clean room to prevent dust and dirt. Modular offers clean room system that allows for easily installation and high functionality.