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How to make your life easy as a Fulham landlord

Being a landlord can be lucrative, satisfying and, yes, stressful. The unexpected happens constantly and you have to think on your feet. Furthermore, the higher the number of properties in your portfolio, the higher the number of challenges you are likely to encounter. However, there are ways to make your life easier as a landlord in Fulham. Please read on for our helpful tips.

Moving into first house checklist - 1

Make painting quicker and easier

Painting can be a constant job for landlords, particularly if you have a number of properties. Most houses will need painting fairly regularly, especially if there are lots of tenants coming and going. However, it needn’t be a total pain. Firstly, consider painting the walls, ceiling and trim all the same colour. This will speed up the process no end as you won’t need to waste time taping the room, etc. Also, you could hire a decorator to spray paint the room, which would take far less time and, importantly, would mean you could spend your time on other tasks. 

Use the same materials

If you have several properties, it will save you both time and money if you furnish them all with the same materials. Kitchen cabinets, carpets, and paints can all be purchased in bulk and you will always know where to get more. This will save you valuable time in searching for lots of different materials. Also, if you have a handyman that works on all your Fulham properties, it’s far easier to tell them to repeat all the same steps in each house, rather than needing to come back to you for instructions. Dealing with repairs as soon as you are made aware of them will save a lot of time and hassle in the long run. 

Ask all tenants to use the same cleaning company

All tenants know that they need to thoroughly clean the house when they vacate. However, disputes over what constitutes ‘clean’ and whether they’ve left it in the same condition in which they received it, are constant and irritating. To remove this hassle altogether, consider writing it into your tenants’ rental agreement that they must employ a specific professional cleaning company to complete the work. You can select a company that you know to do a good job. There are some great end of tenancy cleaners Fulham based and building a relationship with them will save you many headaches. 

Download landlord apps

You most probably already have a decent smartphone. That’s good. And if you don’t, then get one. Your smartphone is an important productivity tool. Do a little research on specialist apps for landlords. These are helpful in terms of organisation and will save a lot of time. They even have facilities to automate repetitive tasks, so you won’t need to start from scratch each time. 

Be nice to your tenants

Many landlords have trouble keeping tenants. It costs money and takes time, each time a tenant leaves and they need to be replaced. However, these landlords may not actively make their tenants feel welcome or do things for them to encourage them to stay long term. On a basic level, treat them nicely, as you would do to with a colleague, for example. They aren’t your friends exactly, as professional boundaries are important, but tenants are more likely to stay on if they feel their landlord is kind and is on their side.