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Blog Branding Checklist: 10 Things to Make Your Blog Stand Out

Imagine you could make your blog stand out and makeconsistent passive income out of it. How good would that make you feel? You could check through your laptop andsee how traffic is flowing through your blog as you drop your juicy blog posts. That’s the dream, right?

But here you are at the moment, staring at your PC and hoping that was your lifestyle. You have attended several webinars and followed several tips online, yet nothing is working out for you. Well, it doesn’t have to end so bad for you. That’s because there’s always a solution to every problem. There are ways that you can make your blog unique without having to spend a penny. All you need is to follow the right tips, focus on your brand, and drop blog posts that matter to generate traffic. 

Are you still interested in making your blog stand out from your competitors? Here are a few ways to make that happen.

1. Confirm That You Started Your Blog the Right Way

The way you start your blog can affect the way you generate traffic that matters. That means if you fail to start it the right way, there’s a chance that you might fail to stand out from other bloggers. Here are a few ways to check if you started your blog well. Hopefully, beginners can find something to learn from here to start a unique blog.

Choose WordPress as a platform for your blog

That’s because it’s free and will require little effort to customize and design your blog.

Avoid creating your blog on a free platform

For beginners, avoid developing your blog on a free platform. If you created your blog on a free WordPress host, your chances of getting stand out from your competitors are almost zero. That’s because these platforms face similar limitations, including no custom domain name, lack of customization, and zero control. With all these limitations, it’ll be hard to see people that’ll take your blog serious.

Choose your domain name

One of the best ways to choose a domain name is to choose from a blog topic that you’re passionate about for your blog. You can also utilize your name as your domain name.

Setup your WordPress hosting

If you don’t have a good web host, your chances of standing out are slim. That’s because a good WordPress host ensures that your blog gets seen from anywhere in the world. 

If you’re planning to start a new blog or a beginner, you can check for hosting providers and select a plan that fits your business. Also, some best web hosts are running promos this Black Friday. You can seize this opportunity to get your host at a discounted price. It’s your first step to becoming a unique blogger, after which comes customization.

2. Pick A Unique Topic and Develop Top-notch Content

Although picking a unique topic can seem an easy task to do, it requires that you strategize. One approach that works is choosing from new ideas, trends, products, or services.

Now, to make your blog stand out, you need to create high-quality content and avoid sharing filler content. One way to convey high-quality content is to start by researching your audience to know what they craved. By so doing, you can get to deliver content that provides answers to your audiences’ burning questions.

3. Utilize High-quality Graphics and Images

While utilizing high-quality content, including videos, and images is essential for your blog to stand out, using lower qualities can ruin your blogging experience. Human brains get designed such that they process visual inputs better than text or audio inputs. So, harness the power of quality images, videos, and graphics to stand out from your competitors.

4. Make Your Posts Easy to Share

Another useful tip to remain unique from your competitors is to ensure that your posts are easy to share. One way to make that happen is to avoid making it hard for your audience to find the share button. So, place the share button at the top of every post to enable your learners to share.

You can stay ahead of your competitors by making your posts shareable. From statistics, 94% of people share posts because they find it relevant. So, you need to ensure that your content is relevant and helpful to get shared.

5. Focus on SEO And Utilize Unique Keywords

Incorporating unique and SEO-rich keywords is another way to remain stand out from other bloggers in your niche. So, avoid using general keywords and start by searching for rich keywords.

6. Post Regularly

You can also stand out by posting regularly. What that means is that you need to be consistent with the way you deliver high-quality and useful content.

7. Take Time Creating Your Meta Tags

It’s vital that you focus on SEO to become unique and ahead of your competitors. One of the benefits of having a perfect SEO strategy in place is to get high visibility on search engines. You can improve on your SEO and become more visible by using meta tags. They inform the search engine about what your blog posts stand for.

8. Get Inspiration from Successful Branding Blogs

Inspirations are essential tools that drive people towards success. So, by getting inspiration from successful blogs, you can get to develop posts that enable you to stand out from your competitors. Here are some examples of branding Blogs that can inspire you to become creative.

9. Tell stories

Storytelling is a useful tool to strike your readers’ emotional side. So, incorporating stories into your content can help to make you stand out.

10. Get Feedback

Getting feedback that matters is another way of standing out from your competitors. It enables you to get relevant comments from your readers to enhance your blog posts.

To wrap up, for you to stand out, you need to ensure that you provide a better experience for your learners. Design relevant content that can provide answers to people’s questions, and you can be sure of being a step ahead of your competitors.