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4 Tips to Save Money When Shopping for CBD Oil in the UK

We are seeing massive growth in the popularity of CBD oil at the moment in the UK. We are seeing new theories every day about how CBD – or cannabidiol – can help our health and with more understanding, more people are wanting to try it out.

Although some civilisations have been using cannabis for its medicinal qualities for thousands of years, CBD – which is a compound found naturally in cannabis – is ironically, very new onto the market in Britain. The CBD market is a new one, and works in a modern way, so how can you ensure that you’re not paying through the nose for your CBD oil?

What is CBD?

The cannabis plant is made up of over a hundred different compounds, and one of the main ones is Cannabidiol – or CBD.  CBD is what’s known as a cannabinoid – or phytocannabinoid – one which is made by plants. The reason why CBD can be so valuable to our health is that it can act in a similar way in our bodies to endocannabinoids – cannabinoids made naturally in the body.

Endocannabinoids make up part of the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system works in the human body to keep it regulated – or in a state of homeostasis. It can help to control and regulate certain aspects of the body, including;

  • Mood
  • The digestive system
  • The central nervous system including pain relief
  • The immune system including inflammation

In the system, the cannabinoids interact with the cannabinoid receptors to send messages to the brain which then controls how the body responds.

Considering the number of functions within the body that the endocannabinoid system can affect, CBD can, therefore, be helpful for a number of health issues. By giving the endocannabinoid system a boost, CBD can help to keep the body properly regulated and give our general health and well-being a lift.

CBD, unlike another compound – THC, will not make you high. It is safe to use and non-addictive, and nigh on impossible to over-dose. There are very few side effects to taking CBD oil, and none of them are long-lasting.

Saving Money on CBD Oil

Let’s face it, none of us like to spend more money than we need to – whether it’s on rent, transport, food or CBD oil. Whilst it is important to get good quality CBD oil, it is also important to be able to get the best price that you can for it. So, here are some tips on how to save money when you are buying your CBD oil:

1. Look for Coupons or Promotional Codes

One of the best ways to get good value for money for your CBD oil is by looking for coupons. You will often find that many websites offer money off vouchers or coupons which can be used (usually) online. CBD Shopy is currently offering a 10% discount on all products exclusive to WorkingDadddyblog readers, use coupon code “WORKINGDAD” on checkout, valid until 01-01-2020.

Whether it is a promotion code or even just free shipping, this can make a difference, especially over time, and these can often be found on social media or, for example, by signing up to online newsletters or mailing lists – which will also keep you up to date with any news or new products which are being launched.

2. CBD Concentration

CBD products can be bought with different concentrations of CBD. Although the higher concentration products will usually cost more than the lower concentration products, they will usually be better value in terms of the amount of CBD that you are getting. Once that you know how much CBD is best for you in dosage, it is best for you to then buy the highest concentration CBD products which serve your specific dose.

It is important to remember, however, if you are trying CBD for the first time, you should start off with a very low dose and gradually increase it until you get the effect that you are looking for. Only then will you know what the best dosage for you it.

3. Bulk Buying

As with most things, it is almost always better value for money to buy CBD products in bulk as opposed to separately and regularly. Once you know what the best products for you are – in terms of the type of CBD oil, its strength and which brands you prefer – you can then look at buying them in larger quantities.

Many CBD oil producers will sell different sized bottles of the oil, or maybe offer special deals for buying multiple products.

4. Look for Quality

Unfortunately, the world of CBD oil is still very much unregulated. In fact, the most reputable CBD oil brands self-regulate very well, but it does leave the industry open to unscrupulous fraudsters who are trying to sell bad quality CBD oil.

If you spend money on bad quality CBD oil, you are essentially throwing your money away and this is why it is worth doing your research before buying any. CBD oil review sites can be an excellent resource, as well as talking to people and ensuring that the CBD brands offer third party lab-testing certificates which can prove exactly what is in the CBD oil.

By buying good quality CBD products you won’t be wasting your money on things that don’t work.

It is also a good idea to look at what type of CBD products you wish to buy. For example, there are a number of different products available – from CBD oil to edibles to vape juice to capsules – and it is important to get the right product for you. CBD oil, for example, becomes effective, quickly, being a good option for people who are looking to use CBD for pain relief. Capsules, on the other hand, take longer to come into effect but stay for a long time in your system, giving an excellent base of CBD which can last for up to about eight hours.

It is important for all of us to be getting value for money when It comes to buying products – and with CBD oil it is no different. By being able to buy the right product at the best price you can ensure that you are getting the highest quality of CBD oil for what you can afford.