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How to Make Your House into a Family Home

Not all houses are homes, and it is important to create a space where your family can always feel safe and comfortable.Through a few creative touches to your décor and some exciting home improvements, before long, your home will be a cosy place that your family will never want to leave. If you are struggling for ideas, here are some of the top ways to convert your house into a beautiful family home.

Swap Central Heating for Gas Fires

Although central heating is highly effective, it fails to create the ambience of traditional wood fires. Every family home needs a fireplace where all the family can gather on cold winter nights. However, while wood-burning and open fires may be dangerous for those with young children and pets, gas fires are a great option for families as they allow you to achieve the atmosphere of open fires without any of the hazards. To get the desired effect, opt for Kalfire gas fireplaces, which use the latest technology to provide you with a cosy living room.

Choose Multi-Functional Areas 

Multi-functional areas can do wonders for any family, creating communal spaces that you can gather in to play games, watch television, and eat meals. What’s more, multi-functional spaces are great for both adults and kids as you can partition these to create separate areas to relax in away from each other. Open plan layouts are perfect for this, as they allow you to create different zones within a single room while creating the space that you need to perform family activities.

Create More Space

To prevent your family home feeling crowded, you should consider creating more space by converting your attic or basement into an entertainment room, playroom, or study. Not only does this give your family more liveable space, but it also allows you to design break out areas where you can spend time away from the rest of the house. If you believe that you have outgrown your house, you should also get planning permission to build an extension or conservatory.

Personalise Your Décor

To stop your home from feeling cold and unemotional, personalise your décor throughout each room. You can do this by adding features such as picture and memory walls, as well as hanging up your child’s artwork. You should also showcase souvenirs and mementoes that mean a lot to you, such as gifts from your children.

Create a Safe Outdoor Space

Lastly, creating a safe outdoor space for your family is important. In terms of safety, you should ensure that it is private and cannot be overlooked by installing fencing and shrubbery around its perimeters. However, you should also make sure that your yard is an exciting and functional space that your family want to spend time in. Some great ideas for family gardens include creating a vegetable patch for your kids to grow food in and planting trees and flowers to create a natural and beautiful space for your kids to explore.