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Simple ways to boost your income

Whether struggling to get by or you have a little extra set aside, most of us could use a way to earn more money. But how can you do this without having to set aside hours of your time every day?

Positive thinking can only take you so far. At some point, you’ll have to take action. Now, there are plenty of ways that you can theoretically make money, however, not all will be appropriate to you and many will be so time intensive that they aren’t practical. You could spend weeks writing a book, for example, but you may have nothing to show for it at the end.

For those with some skills in the technology or financial arena, there are some interesting cutting-edge options and you can read more on this page. But there are plenty of other quick ways to boost your income. Some may need a little extra effort initially, but the idea with all of these options is that once they’re up and running you won’t need much time investment to keep them ticking over.

Paid surveys

You may be surprised to find there’s a wide range of online sites prepared to pay for you to give your opinion. This is a quick and easy way to make a little extra cash in the short term. Now, this won’t make you a millionaire, but these surveys often don’t take long and they will help you to boost your income. Any internet search should find the most reliable sites that offer this form of work, and there are new sites coming online all the time. 

Sell items you don’t need online

This is one of the oldest ways to make quick money online, but it remains a good option. Amazon and Ebay are the go-to sites, and you can quickly learn which type of items sell best on there if you are thinking of selling on a regular basis. But even if you just want to make a bit of extra cash in the short term, this is a quick way to profit that doesn’t take much time or energy to set up. Just register an account, go through the sales listing process a couple of times and it will become second nature. 

Use your expertise

If you have any knowledge in a particular area, such as for example, medicine, the law, plumbing, car mechanics or finance, you could become a professional question responder. There are a number of sites that will offer you payment for answering questions, and this is an ideal way to increase your income without devoting significant time by using the expertise you already have. And, if you put a little extra detail into your answers you can soon build up a reputation and a handy extra income.

If your expertise is focused around writing stories or non-fictional books, you could use this to make some extra money. If you do go down this route, be sure to make use of a professional book cover designer.

Social media marketing

Everyone has heard of the importance of social media. Businesses in every sector have learned the importance of social media and how it can boost their sales. So how can you take advantage of it? Well, if you understand how social media works, then you could offer your services as a social media manager by offering to manage a company’s social media channels. The advantage of this form of work is that it doesn’t take long. If you understand social media, you can do this work in minutes each day, and generate streams of additional revenue as your reputation and client list grows. 

Rent out your home as a holiday place

Being a landlord requires a lot of commitment, time and risk, but there is a quicker and easier way to profit from your home, by renting it as a holiday home. There are plenty of sites out there that will help you to utilise your home as a resource, and if it is in an attractive or desirable location, you could find that this is a convenient way to raise extra money with minimal effort. 

YouTube tutorials

YouTube is one of the biggest social media entities in the world, and it has huge potential. If you happen to have expertise in a particular area, or even if you are just enthusiastic or passionate about a subject, and if that subject is a popular one, you could potentially monetise that by making tutorial or fan videos on YouTube. It may not happen overnight, but the advantage of this approach is that it is essentially passive. Record your videos, do a little promotion on social media, and if your tutorials take off, you could be on the way to generating significant extra money. 

When times are hard, and money is tight, it is difficult to remain positive, but hopefully these suggestions will give you some ideas about how to boost your income and achieve a brighter future.