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Click vs. Glue Methods for Luxury Vinyl Flooring

A click or glue method can make a big difference in the flooring you choose. Each method is an equally great choice but there are some variations to the benefits you can receive from them. Let’s discuss these in detail before you decide.

The Glue Method

Glue down flooring is a more financially savvy option. However, sometimes cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Firstly, you will incur extra costs from the necessary sub-flooring which must be laid down prior to the luxury vinyl flooring you have chosen. Next, installations costs will further increase with the cost of the glue itself.

On the other hand, you will get more versatility with your design pattern as you can opt for borders and feature tiles. Furthermore, the affordability of the glue tiles is often a very appealing factor to those who find themselves on a tight budget. 

The Click Method

Numerous benefits follow your decision to choose click method flooring over glue. All you need to do to install click method flooring is simply ‘click’ your tiles into place. The only drawbacks here are that the price of a click tile is at first glance, more costly than glue-down tiles. However, you will find yourself with no extra expenditure with click vinyl flooring.

Characteristics of Click vs. Glue

There are further qualities of each method which should be acknowledged before you buy. Firstly, click method flooring is much thicker than glue down, which can even reduce the sound of a football. Secondly, the thicker the plank the longer it can sustain the damage incurred through busy households. Lastly, the temperature of your home or building can sometimes warp the flooring, however, this is less common with a thicker plank/tile flooring such as with click down methods. 

So, which method will you choose?

The next step is choosing a range which will suit your floorings design and function. Amtico offers click or glue methods throughout their ranges. Amtico Click Smart, Form and Signature are just a few of these ranges. Another great choice, which offers more design options is Luvanto, who also offer both methods throughout their ranges.