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Traveling With A Roof Rack: 6 Do’s And Don’ts

Traveling is always a lifetime experience. Every individual should travel at least once or twice, if not often. Thus, road trips stand as a far-fetched experience for many. It might be a trip alone, or with your close-knits and associates. And you will never want your trip to be a disaster. Comfort is what we always cater, and traveling in the right manner with a roof rack is any day recommended. Roof racks are the most significant ones giving out ample space for stacking your travel paraphernalia. Mount these racks in the right way for ensuring a safe, secure, and fruitful road trip. As the summer holidays are knocking the door, most of you might have planned, or just in the view of fixing a roof rack to your car.

Nonetheless, while fixing the same, you should be well aware of the various ‘do’s and ‘don’ts. Never be in haste to fit or load your car roof rack. Get the work done by keeping multiple essential aspects in mind. While doing so, also update with your car insurance company, covering your claims while you drive with a full roof rack. Many of these car insurance companies consider a car rack unsafe. So, try taking out an extra claim.

The advantages of the additional carrying capacity of your car roof rack are many. These are obvious too. It covers

  • A car roof rack allows in carrying more luggage.
  • You can carry personal sporting gears or camping or hiking equipment, along with mountain bikes.
  • There is enough sitting space available inside the car.
  • You can organize things in a better manner, keeping a lot of practical aspects in mind.

But all things come with certain advantages and disadvantages. Be sure of following the tips provided below to ensure fun-filled holidays and leisurely road trips. Consequently, keeping all these things in mind, the compiled list of six do’s and don’ts will enable you to get the full benefit, while using a car roof rack.

The ‘do’s’ are very much crucial concerning when you travel with a car roof rack. They are -1. Do make a list of what you want to load on your car’s roof rack. Various sorts of frames are readily available with a certain level of carrying capacity. Design a permanent model that you can fit your vehicle. It is a good and practical option. It is hassle-free and made for taking more substantial things.  

Subsequently, consider the size variations of the roof racks. Though the following ‘do’ might sound a bit obvious, it is also essential for preserving and maintaining your four-wheeler’s roof rack. 2. Do lube the roof rack regularly. Try not to expose the roof rack under all the weather conditions. If so, it has the chance of wearing down fast. Apply some amount of copper grease on the mounting bolt threads, occasionally. It shields the roof rack from getting destroyed. You can also remove the bolts easily whenever required. 

Now, being the proud owner of a brand new roof rack, many of you might never appreciate the following suggestion, which is worth pondering.

And, it is basically- 3. Do make a point of removing the roof rack, while it is not in use. Generally, the roof racks are light-weight ones. It adds to its entire weight and aerodynamic pulling force to your four-wheeler. Lastly, it affects the fuel consumption of your vehicle. It reduces the noise of the passing wind also.

With the usage of the roof racks, many substantial snags take place. Below are the summarised ‘don’ts,’ which will assist you with a better traveling experience. These are also some practical tips giving importance to the specific aspects that you should avoid. The initial point you should always bear in mind is fitting.  While planning for a long road trip, the boxes loaded on the car roof rack goes under a lot of battering. It occurs owing to too many speed-breakers, potholes, or high car speed. There are some associated points that, if taken care of, your car ought to get less battered. Lock the roof rack contents. Or else, you might have problems with the car insurance agency for misplacing any items!

So, 4. Don’t load the roof rack with the extra burden. Every car model has its carrying capacity. While the manufacturing of the vehicle, they go under extensive pre-production analysis. While loading the goods, be aware of the maximum weight-carrying capacity for your car roof racks. 

It is relatively challenging to perceive the right content weight that you plan loading on the car roof rack. And, equally, it is always a blunder, which many make in stacking the lighter luggage, like soft bags to minimize any sort of risk related to reparations or breaking of things.

5. Don’t ever make the mistake of choosing a roof rack, which you cannot load or unload quickly. Many sorts of roof racks are available with integral-fitted rollers. These ease the issues related to loading. Instead, it is always best to deal with loading and unloading of lighter things. Generally, commercial vans use these rack types.

Likewise, thinking about the things that you can load or unload at ease, you have to restrict yourself from putting excessive weight to ‘top-up’ the same. But then it is always better to safeguard yourself from any unfortunate injuries while getting it done.

On similar lines, 6. Don’t be confident that you can drive at a reasonable pace with a roof rack completely loaded. Whatever carrying procedures you implement for the goods in a car roof rack, commonly, it affects the balance and aerodynamics of your four-wheeler. Your car ought to behave differently when fully-loaded than the specified limit. You can sense the extra weight over the car’s handling and steering. There is always a risk of losing your controls while driving with extra load in the roof rack.


Packing things on top of any limited car space is none other than a challenging job. You might plan to go biking in the wilds, or camping for a couple of nights into any mountainous terrain. But you have to be very meticulous in packing all the necessary things. Sometimes, it also happens that you find carrying extra luggage than required. Packing items, in one place, is quite an unnerving task. Due to the various sizes and shapes of the bags, it turns difficult to arrange these on the roof rack.

Also, your car’s inside turns congested by stacking too much luggage. These roof racks’ designs have a purpose behind, proving many times in securely shifting of transportation of various things. Bear all the points as mentioned earlier to ensure the safety of yourself and your co-passengers. The above discussed six do’s and don’ts will act as your guiding light, concerning the travel with a loaded car roof rack. Thus, be a smart thinker and a smart traveler!