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Make That Sale And Move Forwards!

If you’re ready to sell your house and move out and onwards, then you will want to sell your home and take the plunge. Perhaps you need more space for the kids, or a bigger garden or more bedrooms, it’s important to make the right choice and sell your home. Lots of people often buy houses in cash which makes the process much quicker. You need to look at your home and have it valued and know exactly the kind of money that you are looking for. This should be agreed and not assumed at all. Incorrectly priced properties have proven to delay the speed of property sales, despite the type of sale. So it’s important to be aware of your price and stick to it but beware that you may need to be a little flexible if you want a quicker sale, but not too flexible.

With property buyers you can always make sure that you will have your house sold. You can get rid of the worry of lawyers, lots of paperwork and wasting time waiting around for people to come view the house and all the trials and tribulations of sales, including waiting around for people to agree to prices and the worry of people pulling out at the last minute, which could lead in unrest and upset for you. 

Make the improvements and make it attractive! 

You know what your home is worth and what work you have done so when it is time to have your home valued, you need to ensure that it looks the most attractive and that all your hard work pays off. Look at the exterior first and work your way in, after all the curbside value is going to be huge.

  • Mow the lawns and edge them if possible.
  • Clean your windows and remove any webs and dirt.
  • Get your front door and driveway spick and span.
  • Clean up the area and de-weed.

Then you will want to focus on the minor things inside the house that don’t take a lot of effort but will improve the value and make your home look and feel great.

  • Look at changing any systems in the house and updating them.
  • Adding new windows and frames as well as new doors. 
  • Wall mirrors make a room feel bigger and airy. 
  • Clean windows inside and out, and replace any broken light bulbs.  
  • Ensure that you have lamps on in any dark corners and make things look open.
  • Putting a soft lamp in the bathroom can create a warm glow.
  • Upgrade the bathroom to make it more attractive.
  • Tie the curtains back and open up the windows.
  • Add plants and flowers where possible. 
  • Add an extension if you have the funds.
  • Add air filters and good air con.

Moving out and moving on doesn’t have to be difficult, but getting things prepared quell in advance is going to really help you along the way. Make your home look great and look at doing it on a budget too.