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All Terrain Vehicles: Their Many Uses

The ATV is used worldwide, from the cattle ranches in Australia to the lower areas of Finland, where forest rangers do their rounds, and everything in between. Here are some of the ways that the quad bike, or ATV is used around the world.

✓ Animal herding – There’s no better way to herd livestock over large distances, and unlike horses, the ATV doesn’t tire. If the bike is set up correctly, a quad riding cowboy could easily take the herd 40km in a day, and with a team, you can drive livestock accurately and quickly. Even the Mongolian farmers are turning to the quad instead of the trusted horse.

✓ Park Rangers – There’s no better vehicle for the park ranger to get around, plus he would carry a lot of equipment that he might need. The park ranger’s ATV would be customised specifically for the role, with trailers often used to haul equipment, with fence repair often required.

✓ Recreational Riding – Countries like the UK have seen a huge rise in leisure riding and there are quad parks all over the country. You can even easily find Yamaha ATV parts online if your machine needs some work. Many riders own their own ATV, while others hire a machine when they visit a quad park, where they have challenging trails for all skill levels.

✓ Farming – The vast majority of farmers, especially in the UK, would own at least one ATV – essential for repairing fences, moving logs and the many other things a farmer has to do – the ATV can handle all weather conditions and terrains – making it an essential farming asset.

✓ Remotely Located Vets – In Australia and New Zealand, quite a few remotely located vets get around on an ATV which carries all their vital equipment and supplies for treating animals at any location. If an animal is injured in a remote area and cannot be moved, the vet would put his ATV skills to good use to reach the animal in good time.

✓ Animal Conservation – Anti poaching teams in Africa use ATVs to get across vast areas, and with such large areas to patrol, the reliable ATV is the best vehicle for their needs. The teams that protect rhinos and elephants need to travel big distances, and while they won’t use the quads when close to the animals, they do use them to cover ground.

If you are looking to take up quad riding, you certainly aren’t alone, and by starting with rented bikes, you can gradually acquire the riding skills and purchase a new quad that is suitable for your skill level. The number of quad parks in the UK is rising, and wherever you live in England, you’re never far from a quad park, where they have everything you need to experience the thrill of ATV riding.

If you need an ATV for commercial reasons, search online for the leading quad supplier in your local area and they will have exactly what you’re looking for, or if you are new to quad riding and would like to make a second-hand purchase, the online dealer has all the solutions.