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Is In-Person School Safe? Your Coronavirus Back to School Guide

The coronavirus has been wreaking havoc in all parts of the world. It has affected many activities ranging from economic to sports to education. Economies all over the world are in a slump, something that has not been experienced since the Great Depression. Researchers are now actively working hard to find a vaccine for this virus while governments are putting in place measures to control its spread.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading, a lot of activities were suspended. Schools and social events were among those affected. Countries have enacted social distancing measures to curb the virus, meaning that children cannot be allowed to be in schools. Many states have managed to control the infection and are now mulling over the idea of reopening schools and other suspended activities.

The biggest concern is the safety of children once we return to in-person school. Will it be easy to practice social distancing in schools? Will the students be protected from the virus? In this article, we address all concerns that teachers, students, and parents might have.

Is it possible for schools to effectively apply social distancing measures?

One of the conditions for in-person school reopening is that schools must prove that they can effectively apply social distancing rules. This means that schools must have a capacity allowing students to sit at least 1-1.5 square meters apart. On top of that, the school administration must ensure that there is regular disinfecting of surfaces around the school.

One thing that will be a huge challenge is the availability of learning space. The government is proposing spaces like community halls and libraries to be used as classrooms. Still, this might not be enough to accommodate all of the students. Another proposal is that the children can go to schools in shifts like morning and afternoon, daily shifts, or even weekly shifts.

If your school is short on learning space, you can get in touch with Smart-Space, a reliable source for temporary educational building solutions. These buildings are cheap, easy to install, even in tight spaces, and are even available for hire.

Is it safe to reopen schools now?

Researchers up until this moment have not been successful in coming up with a successful cure for the coronavirus. At the same time, there is no specific time frame within which the virus can successfully be controlled. That is why many governments have advised their citizens to learn how to live with the illness while strictly adhering to the laid down measures to prevent the virus from spreading.

One way within which we can learn to live with the virus is resuming our normal activities. Students are not going to stay at home forever, so schools must reopen. However, school administrations must ensure that social distancing will be highly observed in schools.

How will the kids be protected from the virus in schools?

Protecting the kids from the virus is going to be even a greater challenge because monitoring children is harder than adults. However, measures set to be introduced include reducing the number of passengers in public transport, requiring face masks, regularly disinfecting surfaces, and even erecting sanitizing booths.


A lot of countries have now greatly reduced the spread of the virus. Activities have resumed, although people are still exercising caution. There has been a little resurgence of coronavirus cases here and there, but again, the future looks bright. In-person schooling can begin as long as schools adhere to the measures by the government.