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5 Remote Jobs that you can take up for better work life balance

The remote work economy is booming and it may be the future of the workplace if career experts are to be believed. In the current, highly interconnected workplace, working remotely is thriving because it has some obvious advantages. Less commute time, better work-life balance, higher productivity and fewer distractions are considered to be the top benefits of a remote job.

Not to be confused with freelance work, a remote job is when you are working full-time for an organization but not required to be physically present in the office to do your job. Many digital nomads – people who travel the year round take up remote jobs to support their passion for travel along with a sustainable source of income.

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But are remote jobs easy to find? What are some of the top industries hiring remotely? Some of these jobs are available globally. Let’s take a look:

1. Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billers and coders translate doctors’ instructions into billing codes that enable insurance payments to healthcare practices. The main job of the medical coders/billers is to make sure that the patients’ insurance providers offer payments according to the standard regulatory protocols. This profession is critical to the healthcare industry’s efforts to go digital for improved healthcare and efficient payment. 

Medical billers and coders are increasingly being hired to do their job remotely.

2. Virtual assistants

A number of businesses are operating online and these enterprises often have distributed workforce and clientele. To help the business stay organized and take over the administrative responsibilities, such enterprises often hire a Virtual Assistant or VA. The job of the VA is to help the business or entrepreneur stay organized, maintain a schedule and fulfill all administrative duties. While the VA role may be a full-time one, often the virtual assistant is on an independent contract that allows them to take on more than one client. It is quite a lucrative profession.

Apart from regular administrative functions, many Virtual Assistant roles have oversight responsibilities on call handling, depending on the company. Platforms like Hiredonline make these clarifications before you apply for a work-from-home job. Your ability to succeed at these jobs depends on the commitment you’re willing to attach to it. Before taking on more than one VA job, ensure your ability to multitask efficiently. 

3. Online casino 

The online gaming and gambling industry is thriving, thanks to the advances in software and security. Sites like NetBet UK offer a range of online gambling options from poker to roulette, sports betting, live dealers, slots, live betting and table games. 

Online casinos hire a range of talent often remotely because the jobs require very specific skill sets. From full stackdevelopers to native content writers for various geographies, to business consultants, translators, affiliate managers and live dealers, online marketing managers, a plethora of job opportunities have opened up as the casino industry expands its horizons. A number of these jobs are offered online.

4. Writing/Editing/Translation

Writing can be a rewarding profession in this digitally charged new world order. The importance of content and putting it online has created wide ranging opportunities for those with a gifted pen. And writing or editing are professions that lend themselves quite easily to the remote lifestyle. All you need is a workstation, some coffee and high speed Internet to do your job. Whether you choose to do it from a cafe or your quiet corner in the home, it is up to you.

If you are looking for a remote writing job, then there are job sites and portals devoted to connecting writers with the right jobs in their niche or domain.

5. Developer

The job role of “developer” is actually a blanket term for a variety of tech-savvy jobs. The category includes anything from app development to web development, software engineering, testing, systems administration and ops infrastructure.

This is one of the top categories to find a remote job in. You can start your career with web development if you have necessary skills.

Do get a specialization in a programming stack or language as that improves your chances of landing a better job. Be it React, JavaScript, Python or Xamarin, having that specialization sets you apart from the competition. 

Remote development jobs often come with the opportunity to travel to the client’s side for a few months. So if you are fond of travelling, you should certainly consider this.


Research has shown that remote workers are often happier, more productive and strike better balance in their lives. If you are toying with the idea of a remote job, take a hard look at your skill sets and match them with the available remote jobs or upgrade your skills to be considered for one.