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How Much Does It Cost for a Drain Repair?

Drain repairs can cost you up to £200 on average. That is, the average between simple clogged drains and sewer drain repairs. In essence, this average price covers the materials and labour necessary. However, upon inspection, a plumber might find out more problems. In that case, severe damage could increase the cost. 

BDS Drainage, a company specialised in blocked drains and CCTV surveys in London and South East, reports that complex drain repairs can cost you up to £600-800 on average.

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What are the major price factors?

For simple repairs, most plumbing companies will charge you an hourly rate. You pay the plumber a sensible fee for time spent solving your problem more quickly. Basically, pay-for-performance services let you save time in exchange for money. So, the materials and labour are everything that the price includes.

But when it comes to complex scenarios, performing tests may be necessary. CCTV drain surveys can find out what’s happening within your walls and below your floors. For instance, this tech can spot collapsed drains remotely, in real-time. Collapsed drain repair costs can be on the higher side.

Sometimes, the lack of periodic maintenance is a critical factor. Indeed, everything may seem fine on the surface. But clogged drains may be just a symptom of a more complex blockage or damage.

Invasive measures may be unavoidable to fix tree roots snuck in your pipes. Quite often, cold weather can lead to pipes freezing and cracking afterward. All sorts of bad things can make the overall cost rise. Luckily, the latest solutions solve most problems swiftly. In short, even severe damage shouldn’t break the bank by today’s standards.

Does home insurance cover drain repairs? 

Sadly, the answer is not that easy. Normally, it doesn’t. In fact, most home insurance plans do not cover drain repairs. But before you panic, you should read your home insurance terms and conditions. 

Some policies cover accidental damages. In that case, that could include drain pipe repairs. Of course, you can’t call your insurance company for drain pipe replacement. But you might be able to cut down on costs that involve tree root infiltrations.

Then again, most policies that cover drain repair, usually, offer some form of insurance for external drain pipes. Most likely, you’ll always be responsible for drain pipe replacement in your home so it’s worth knowing what this cost may be. On the other hand, policies for condominiums and apartments may have specific conditions depending on other factors.

How to save on drain repair costs?

Regular maintenance is the pillar of saving in drain repairs. A professional service like PM247 Drainage Services, for example, will be able to diagnose any plumbing issues long before they cause a bigger problem and help you avoid any costly repairs. For new buildings, quick maintenance checks every three or four years can lead to a perfect drainage system. For older buildings, periodic maintenance every two years can be necessary.

Most people resort to waiting for longer. But you can always ask your plumber for a quick inspection when he or she comes to fix something else. As a compromise, you could ask for a drainage system inspection and servicing your boiler at the same time.

One last trick includes requesting service from local expert plumbers in your area. Request a free detailed quote to find out if the distance is indeed a price factor.