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Cozy home ideas for winter 2020

Winter and the holiday season are coming so fast! It’s the time for family gatherings, relaxation, and just being home for the holidays. Nothing would be more relaxing than to spend our winter days in our home with that warm and cozy feeling don’t you think? So it would be best for us to get some ideas on how to decorate our home in such a way that it could provide us warmth during this cold season. It wouldn’t just for us but also for our family and friends that might be visiting us this holiday season. Some of us find it hard to choose the right décor for our home in line with the season. Others tend to overdress their house and cost them a hefty amount of money for such décor. Don’t worry, we are here to help! So here are some of the best ideas for a cozy home this upcoming winter.

Dark colour décor

When we say dark, it does not necessarily mean going black. Opt for colours in the darker shades. Darker colour shades are proven and tested absorbs heat and should give warmth to your home in the colder seasons. Go for grey, navy blue, and other colours of the same hues. They would be best for your upholstery fabric, curtains, rugs, and carpets.

Right Upholstery Fabric

As we all know, there is a variety of upholstery fabric that might suit this season, but the question is, which fabric is well suited for the season and has its cozy-warm properties in it? Below are the best fabrics to choose for your upholstery needs this coming winter.

Velvet Fabrics

This type of material is what we call heavy fabric. Velvets are known to be so soft, fuzzy, and cozy. It is best for your upholstery needs this winter because this could give you warmth when relaxing on your favourite furniture. It is best for your sofas, chairs, headboards, and beds. Velvet fabrics are a combination of natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics, and they are known to be strong and durable. When it comes to maintenance, one can clean it with your regular vacuum cleaner as dust and other dirt would pile up on top of the fabric. As a bonus, as the fabric ages, it produces different hues that are so amusing to look at. In the long run, you won’t have to worry about reupholstering since velvets could last for a very long time.

Chenille Fabrics

This is the most versatile fabric available on the market today. They share almost identical properties like velvet. Chenille fabrics will surely give your home décor that warm-cozy feeling with a hint of luxury in it. This fabric is well suited to be upholstered to your sofa, chairs, headboards, beds, and pillows.  It is also best to be upholstered if you have antique furniture that needs an upholstery job done. As for maintenance, it can be cleaned easily, so you don’t have to worry about extensive maintenance on this type of material.

Jacquard Fabric

This is one of the best winter fabrics you can choose from. This material is so durable and stretchy. It is also a heavy type of fabric that provides a cozy-warm feeling this winter season. The pattern design of this fabric is woven and not printed, thus avoiding any fading out in the long run. It will give any furniture, not just that cozy-warm comfort but also that elegant classic look to it.

Right Curtain Fabrics

Your upholstery fabric should work in tandem with your curtains for that cozy-warm comfort that you will be longing for this winter. Speaking of which, you can choose any of those fabrics listed in bullet point number two for the best winter fabrics. They are not just for upholstery but also for your curtains as well.

Employ Rugs and Carpets

With all those tips above, it will never be complete without warmth on your feet. Choose rugs and carpets that are thick and dark in colour for that overall cozy and fussy comfort. Some carpets and rugs are made out of the fabrics that we have discussed above. It will be best if you will also choose them for this purpose.

These are the best ideas for your home for this upcoming winter and holiday season. But don’t forget to put your personal touch on every decoration to express your love to your family and loved ones.