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5 Simple Garden Renovations to Plan for 2021

The garden of the home is an amazing space that can sadly go overlooked and become overgrown quickly. The spring and summer months are the best time to give a garden an overhaul, and they will be here sooner than you may think. With the right amount of planning and preparation, anyone can give their garden a whole new look with ease. There are plenty of renovations and upgrades that anyone can give to their garden space – some more complicated than others – that will revolutionise the way you see your home’s outdoor areas and can change the way you use them. Those without sufficient garden space don’t need to miss out either. An artificial green wall is easy to install, both indoors or out, and can add a splash of colour and a unique modern look. 

Here we have our quick guide to five simple garden renovation ideas that will give you some inspiration and some instruction on how to get your garden looking great again in the new year.

Add Some Raised Planters for Depth

No matter what type of garden you have, whether it is covered with grass or stone, you can use simple and distinctive raised planters to give your garden some depth as well as colour. These are simple to construct yourself, or you can buy ready to use raised planters from most large garden centres. These can be used to plant blooming flowers for the summer, or even vegetables if you fancy growing your own in a home farm. The siding of the planters can be painted too to add extra colour, or stained to give the wood a classic garden look. These types of planters are great for covering up unsightly patches, or for bringing some life into a dull, concreted area.

Repaint, Recover or Replace Worn Fencing

The fences that mark the border of our gardens are important to its look. Well-weathered fencing in a well-manicured garden looks strange, and likewise, a beautiful fence in a dull garden looks out of place. The spring and the summer are a great time to renovate and recondition your fencing, and you should start planning early to get the best result, and consult with professionals like this company offering fencing Edmonton to make sure that the finished product is the very best it can possibly be. Repainting or staining your fence or fence panels is the quickest and easiest option, and the colour or colours you choose can be used to great effect to bring colour and interest to your garden whatever the weather or season.

Replacing worn fencing or fence panels is a good idea if you want your garden to look its best. It can be hard to find matching panels or fencing if just one area needs attention, but by mixing and matching materials or panel styles, you can add even more style to your garden. Alternatively, however, if security for your garden and home is your main concern, you may want to use security fencing instead of aesthetic fencing, especially on bigger plots of land to ensure your peace of mind and safety.

Build a Shed for Your Garden or Replace Your Old One

Garden sheds are incredibly useful, and the right one can also be an attractive and functional feature that you can quickly add to your outdoor space. Sheds not only provide somewhere to store gardening equipment or garden furniture, but garden sheds also give you the opportunity to add some colour to your garden. You can paint your shed in any colour or colours you like; you don’t have to stick to wood stains or creosote. Shedstore has a huge range of high-quality sheds available on their website for amazing prices. With so many options to choose from online, suitable for just about every size of garden, you should be able to find the perfect shed for you at Shedstore.

Build Your Own Deck for Your Garden

A deck in a garden is a very popular choice, and it is easy to see why. They allow you to bring some of the inside to the outside and give you a functional space you can use all year round for entertaining and dining.

With a little planning and preparation, anyone can construct their own deck quickly and easily; it is much simpler to do than you might think. The wide range of materials you can use gives you a lot of options. Reclaimed materials, like old railway sleepers, are a great choice for decking. Make sure any wood you use is properly treated, however, so that it can withstand the elements, particularly winter frosts. Giving your garden a deck is a great way to get more use from your garden and gives you somewhere to sit and enjoy the view. Once your deck is built and in full working order, you will want to turn your attention to deck maintenance. Although decking is built to last, it still benefits from regular care and attention to help guard against damage and rapid aging. A professional Deck Maintenance service can provide a regular maintenance program for your decking to keep it at its best for longer.

Add a Water Feature to Your Garden

Water features like ponds and fountains are a great addition to any garden space and can help bring more wildlife like birds and even amphibians to your garden. You can buy many water-features pre-built, often using fibreglass or plastic to make a pond, helping to keep installation simple and quick. All you really need is a hole in the ground! By adding some complementary plants and reeds, your new pond will look like it was always there.

Gardens are a fantastic feature for a home to have, but once they become overgrown or underappreciated, they can soon become an eyesore. Make sure you keep your home’s outdoor spaces looking their best by planning some garden renovations for the new year.