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7 Bizarre Baby Names that you probably had no idea were banned!

Some of you may actually like your birth names. But some really cruel parents around the world have mercilessly given the most bizarre names to their children. Thankfully you do have the ability in most cases of changing your name

The names were found to be so ridiculous and unbelievable that they ended up being banned in several countries.

Parents have exploited the discretion given to them for naming their kids. But then some parents often do take their naming prerogative a bit too far. From calling a girl Viagra to naming a boy Facebook, let’s take a look at the extent to which humans can go to humor themselves-

1. Mona Lisa, Madonna

Authorities in Europe have banned nicknames or shortened forms of names from being registered. So, Tomás is acceptable, but the short form of it has been disallowed, such as Tom. Adding to this list is Madonna, Mona Lisa, Rihanna, Pablo, Bryan, Charlotte all are banned. Some of you may be fans of the painting – But unfortunately, you will not be able to name your kids those names! Anything too non-biblical is also banned. There exists an 82-page directory only consisting of banned names! Next time you’re looking for baby names – Make sure you check what’s allowed and what’s not!

2. Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116

Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 –To those of you who are wondering if this is a drunk-text, not it’s not. A Scandinavian couple in protest against strong naming laws named their child this just to get back at them. It is pronounced as Albin but it is banned in their country. People are barred from naming their child Elvis or Metallica too. However, you may be surprised to know that Google and Lego are allowed as middle names. Absurdity certainly has no limits.

3. Viagra

Another couple who had been trying to have a kid for a long time ultimately decided to name their child that might have let conceive him. Speaking of absurdities, this child was infamously or lovingly named Viagra. But the authorities stepped in and name-blocked it from getting registered! Another example of authorities making sure that people don’t take advantage of the freedom of speech!

4. (.) Full Stop

Yes, a particular country had to include it in the list of banned names. Is finding a name for your child so complex an issue? Or did they have an obsession with grammar? Well, this incident will remain a hilarious mystery, and the only thing that can bring an end to this baby’s discussion is a full stop.

5. Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii

It may sound like a compromise, but this is not a sentence but a name. Parents went to Hawaii and were too overwhelmed by the beauty of the pristine beaches and the exotic dancers. They decided to name their child after it! Thanks to the government, the child was saved from embarrassment.

6. Escrito

What might seemingly sound like a quintessential restaurant is a Spanish word for the scrotum. One of the most disgusting names ever given to anyone goes on to show the repulsive mentality of parents.

Authorities banned over 60 such derogatory names because it was either considered vulgar or lacking in meaning to save children from being bullied or at the risk of rubbing someone off the wrong way.

7. Adolf Hitler

The name of the Nazi dictator is not only banned where he belonged but in many other countries too. You never know if someone gets inspired by such a birth name and goes on to plunder the world for the second time. Well, it ended up being banned for reasons not known, but no hail to Hitler this time.


The next time you are about to name your child, try doing it in sobriety or at least keep a legal book directory handy. Although you may think it is completely naive and humorous, you never know if it’s ridiculous and even banned. Everything makes a lot more sense with context and history! Let us know if you’ve got any other quirky names in mind!