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How to keep your garden looking pretty all year round

Gardening is some people’s passion. It is some people’s hobby. But to some, having a pretty garden and having to constantly do the gardening is a hassle, having to always cut the weeds. Even with lockdown forcing people to stay at home, the garden can still be a nuisance. Especially in the winter. This is when the weather turns cold and dark. No one wants a muddy looking lawn. BUT, there is a way to fix it. With artificial grass becoming increasingly popular, it may be time to jump on the bandwagon yourself. Below are just some reasons why.

Artificial Grass keeps your garden pretty all year round

This is probably the major selling point of artificial grass. There are many other ways to keep your garden looking pretty. However, using artificial grass in your garden requires little hassle. You do not have to worry about the damp soil and mud which you get from a live lawn. Plus, if you have pet, they won’t constantly be bringing mud back into the house.

It’s not just a winter benefit though! Having artificial turf in the summer means you can have garden parties without worrying about the mess created afterwards. Last summer during lockdown, sales of hot tubs went through the roof! This was because everyone was in their garden soaking up the sun. There was a question for many though. If the water overflowed, it would make a mess of my garden. Well, with artificial turf, this would not be a problem. The water simply runs off it!

How can my garden cope with pets?

Pets are a necessity for many. Some families cannot cope without their dogs or cats, or even rabbits. Fortunately, keeping your garden looking pretty and having pets simultaneously can actually be done! For some homeowners, pets can wreak havoc to your garden. In fact, having a pet doing their business in the garden can be so frustrating.

If you do ever opt for artificial grass then you do not have to worry about your pets. This is a major worry of homeowners when considering a fake lawn. Where does it go? What does it do? Well, artificial grass can be cleaned with a simple wash down with a hose. The business that your pet has left just washes away. It does not soak it up like normal grass does. However, many people prefer it this way. 

Soaking up the Sunshine

As mentioned earlier, having artificial turf in your garden allows you to have a pretty looking garden all year round. Think of it now, neighbour jealousy! You’ve got your hot tub all set up. You’ve also got your deck chairs out. The sun is beating down and your pets and children are playing around on the grass. Here is where the difference lies.

If you are stuck with a real lawn, the mess created by the children, the dogs, and the hot tub could take a long time to heal! This shouldn’t be a worry during the fascinating summer. However, for some it is. Tidying up the garden is a nuisance. 

Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to have grass of the artificial type in your garden, then the tidy up shouldn’t be too much hassle. The water will just drain out like it should. The artificial grass underlay will help with this. 

There are many ways to keep your garden hassle-free and looking pretty all year round. Starting with the synthetic nature of your turf is certainly a good place to start.