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9 Things You Need To Know Before Using Marijuana

Whether you are using marijuana for the first time or choosing it for another ailment. There are certain factors that you must take into consideration before going to use. These will save you from the trial and error period. Moreover, using marijuana in the wrong way also gets you in trouble. So, here we have certain factors that you must take into account while using marijuana;

  1. Every individual is not alike: As it is medically proven that every man is different from one another based on race, gender, age, genetic and other factors. Similarly, the same treatment could not be fruitful for all patients as the drugs respond differently for each one.
  2. Every marijuana is not the same: All pots of marijuana have different chemical compounds and some of them have medicinal properties. THC and CBD are the most common. THC helps to make people high and CBD reduces the effect of THC which helps in preventing many ailments such as chronic pain, improves immunity, and better sleep.
  3. The intensity of CBD (cannabinoids) also changes with the change in buyers. Certain marijuana-sellers use 5% THC in their products whereas others may use 25% that can let you high.
  4. If a weak immunity system is troubling you, before going to consume marijuana, you must confirm whether your marijuana is free of certain contaminants such as heavy metals, mildew, mold, and pesticides, etc. even if you are buying a product from dispensaries or online store, check these contentments before going to use.
  5. Once you are sure, the next step is how to take marijuana. For example, whether you want to take it in smoking form like vaping, or in liquid form. There are various drinks available in the market. Moreover, there are candies, gummies, and many other forms of consuming marijuana. All you need to do is choose the right method to consume that fits in your routine and does not take you high.
  6. Keep in mind, while choosing a marijuana product, always refer to doctors’ suggestions. For this, you can also apply for an online medical marijuana card thru Elevate Holistics. Doctors check your physical conditions and will give you the best advice for ailments. For example, if you are suffering from severe and chronic neurological disorders, there are high chances for epilepsy. If you are not sure about epilepsy, you can look at mmj for epilepsy for more info. Again, do not forget to take the doctor’s recommendations while choosing medical marijuana.
  7. If you have a question about how long CBD stays in your body, remember, it depends on your immune system. Basically, it lasts from 2 to 6 hours. Certain other factors are also there that affect the intensity of CBD digestion, for example, if you take consuming CBD in vaping, it starts showing results in minutes. Whereas candies and gummies take time to show effects. Even sometimes these take an hour after eating depending on the THC level.
  8. The storing of marijuana also affects its chemical properties, likewise, if you consume edible CBD products at a high temperature, it will lose their THC properties. Therefore, some people add edible CBD oil to refrigerated products.
  9. Always keep eye on marijuana product expiry date. As it affects the product’s efficiency or may produce negative effects on your body. Therefore, never but expired products. 

Hope the above information helps you to choose the right marijuana. Bear in mind, never buy medical marijuana products without a doctor’s recommendation. As it keeps you safe and secure.