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Covid-19: How To Keep Your Home Healthy and Safe in Everyday Life

2020 has been a turbulent year, to say the least. With the outbreak of coronavirus in March, our daily lives did a complete 180, changing everything from the way we manage our everyday tasks to the way we perform work.

Even though many changes have taken place this year, one thing has remained a constant in the time of COVID-19 – the importance of taking everyday precautions and keeping our homes safe and healthy. With that in mind, we’re listing a couple of tips and guidelines for keeping COVID-19 out of your home and helping your family stay healthy, happy, and safe in everyday life.

Distinguish a buffer zone from your living zone

COVID-19 has changed the way many of us look at our homes. One such approach involves separating our home into two zones – the living zone and the buffer zone. The buffer zone is the area where you leave your items when you get inside the house – things such as jackets, shoes, and bags. The living zone is the zone where you live, eat, sleep, and work. This is the zone that needs to be clear of any items that come into contact with the outdoors (and possibly, the virus).

Keep the two zones separate, and make a mental note to leave all those risky items at the entrance. This will help prevent the spread of the virus and reduce the need to clean the living area as often.

Clean and disinfect surfaces before and after visits

Practicing social distancing and staying six feet apart is essential for preventing the spread of COVID-19, but that’s not always possible. This is especially true for individuals who require medical care. In that case, staying six feet apart is not possible, and wearing the mask is essential in such situations.

What you can do is give your surfaces a thorough clean before and after the visits from the caregiver. Antimicrobial wipes and sprays are great for disinfecting and sanitizing the frequently touched surfaces, including door knobs, light switches, and handles.

Keep your home pest-free

The presence of pests in our homes can be a major source of anxiety and stress. Besides the psychological impact, pests can also pose a health hazard to our families and pets, causing damage to our homes, contaminating food supplies, and carrying dangerous diseases.

Keeping your home pest-free is a matter of taking action before the problem arises. According to experts for pest control in Anthem AZ, taking preventative measures can help prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage. Moreover, dealing with pests in a timely manner can also help reduce any health risks associated with these vectors of diseases and ensure your home is safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Order deliveries or takeouts

While at-home dinners and lunches can’t compare to a trip to your favorite restaurant, ordering meals and groceries is one of the safest options in the midst of the pandemic. Although you could sit at the restaurant’s patio and enjoy your meals with reduced risks of contracting the virus, it’s best to take no chances and simply have your food delivered directly to your door.

Now is also the time to minimize your grocery shopping trips. Instead of running out to the store whenever you need something, think in advance. Create lists, meal-plan, and only buy food supplies that are really necessary.

Maintain a healthy diet

Speaking of planning meals, now that we’re spending more time at home, we can also take advantage of it and make healthier dietary choices. More time to cook means more time to explore new and healthy recipes instead of opting for what’s fast and convenient but not as healthy.

Given how boosting your immune system is especially important these days, try to include more fresh fruits and veggies into your diet and scale back your consumption of meat and animal products. The Internet is overflowing with delicious vegan recipes that are better for you, your family, and the environment, so why not give them a try?

Work out at home

More time at home means more time to sleep and indulge in your favorite shows – accompanied by your favorite snacks, of course. While doing so can be fun, it’s important that you get your body moving on a regular basis. Not only is remaining active during the pandemic essential for keeping your body in shape, but it’s also better for your mood, wellness, and overall health.

There are tons of workouts you can do at home without heading to the gym, and they can be equally effective without requiring any special exercise equipment. If the weather allows, take your workouts outdoors. Cycle, run, jog, or walk with your family – the options are pretty much endless.

Wrapping up

To say that we’re living in extraordinary times would be an understatement. Even though our daily lives have undergone some major changes, we should do everything we can to make the one place in our lives – our home – a safe place to be during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.