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Top Tips for Decorating a Child’s Room

A child’s room should be lively, fun, and practical. It’s not always easy to decorate one, though, especially when you’re more used to creating a modern kitchen and a chic living room. If you want to give your kid a room they’ll love, then here are some top tips for doing so.

Lighting Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom

Lots of Color

A monochrome room simply isn’t exciting enough for a kid, so get some bright colors and create a space that’s worthy of fun! Paint the walls and furniture to liven the place up a little – if you want colors that are both vibrant and durable, Harmony Paints is the best place to go. 

Toy Boxes 

Your child’s room will, at times, become overrun with toys – it’s something you’ll have to accept. Fortunately, having a few toy boxes placed around the room makes tidying up much easier, as you can place all the clutter into them before vacuuming and dusting. Plus, there are plenty of cute, colorfultoy boxes that’ll serve as decoration as well as storage. 

Incorporate Fun Education 

Education doesn’t just mean sitting down at the kitchen table and frowning at fractions – you can place educational posters and activities all around your kid’s bedroom for easy, everyday learning. Look out for number and alphabet posters, as well as some fun creative activities. 

You could even install a creative corner for a mixture of learning and entertainment, and this could include a reading space or a painting table.  

A Clear Floor Space 

You’ll end up tidying your kid’s room a lot, so it makes sense to make it easy on yourself. Keep all items at the side of the room to prevent the middle from looking like a jungle (although it’ll still end up like that now and again!). This way, when the room needs a quick vacuum, you only need to focus on decluttering the middle space, rather than trying to work your way around furniture.

Make Use of All the Space 

Your child doesn’t need loads of space to enjoy their bedroom. Get creative with storage by utilising the space as much as possible – bunk beds, loft beds, and under desk storage are all easy ways of doing this. 

You should also try to minimise your kid’s belongings. While it’s important for them to enjoy plenty of stimulation, they don’t need a room overcrowded with toys they no longer play with, so declutter now and again. You could always give the old stuff to charity! 

Place Wall Art 

While your kid might not appreciate Leonardo Da Vinci the same way you do, it’s still essential for them to have visual stimulation in their room. Place fun, kid-friendly wall artaround their bedroom to pique their interest and create a more vibrant space. Plus, it might even encourage them to make more art of their own!

Don’t Forget the Ceiling 

Decorating the ceiling is especially important for very young children. Kids spend a fair amount of time sleeping, so make sure what they’re looking up at before sleep upholds fun visuals with items such as stickers. 

Your child deserves a fun, stimulating, and relaxing space, so give that to them by providing the perfect kid’s bedroom.