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Tips For Creating Concentrates To Enjoy All Day Long

What exactly is Wax Liquidizer composed of? The ingredient list reads as follows: Wax Liquidizer consists of the following ingredients: Water, Vegetable Oil, Vitamin E, Stearic Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Chloride, Calcium D-Ester, Natural wax, Zinc Oxide, Methylated Lime Juice (for taste), Cupuacu Butter, Essential Extracts, Xanthan Gum, and Phenol. All that’s left is to decide whether to try it…

What’s the recommended concentration of wax liquidizer to mix?

So, According to the product literature, a recommended concentration of Wax Liquidizer to mix is one gram concentrate. The reason for this recommendation is that when you mix the wax and alcohol you create an aerosol, which can be harmful if not distributed properly. An aerosol is created when the alcohol passes through a warm, porous material like creosote or dried fruits.

In order to mix the wax e liquid correctly, you must stir the ingredients thoroughly. Start with thirty seconds of mixing the wax and alcohol. You can increase this time to one minute, as the alcohol will evaporate while the wax continues to cool. Be careful when mixing the Liquidizer for Concentrates because your fingers can transfer the wax to your lips, and this may cause a stinging sensation.

To determine the correct concentrates to mix, place the bottle upside down on a kitchen counter, and pour a tablespoon or so of wax into one of your funnel cups. Drop the cup into the bowl of the mixing gadget. Next, turn the gadget upside down and fill the cup back up with the remainder of the concentrated mixture. Start stirring, and after about five minutes, you’ll have the exact amount of concentrates in your cup. You may want to do this test with several concentrates, to make sure that the ones you’re using in your creations are the right ones for your needs.

Your concentrate will likely be very thick at first, but it should eventually thicken as it sits waiting to be mixed into your vaporizer. It’s important to follow the instructions for filling and preparing your glass jar properly, or else the contents may curdle. Next, add the fruit juice to the wax mixture, keeping in mind that you can pour your juice in one of the holes on the lid of the jug, or in one of the narrow mouths on the top. The goal is to have it all dissolved inside the liquids by the time you’re ready to use the device.

You’ll want to prepare your vaporizer by filling the container next to the mouthpiece with the amount of juice you are going to be using. If you are using a large amount, like a lot, it’s best to use a larger bottle, like a 16 ounce one. Next, put the mouthpiece to the base of your unit, then insert the nozzle, or top portion, down the neck. Then put the cap back on your wax infused vape juice bottle, and light the candle or bulb.

Mix Flavors of Your Own Choice

If you prefer your weed infused drinks with a bit more kick, you can always mix a little bit of your juice with your original flavor of choice. This allows you to experience all the different tastes, without having to change what you are already using. This process is easy to do, as long as you follow the instructions for mixing Wax liquidizer. Begin by placing your original flavor in the bottle, and then pour your concentrate into the bottle. It’s important to only pour the amount of product that is necessary to create the beverage that you desire, and to keep from creating too much, or else you’ll dilute everything.

When it comes time to enjoy your newly made e liquid drink, or your daily pot of coffee with a bit of added kick from your concentrate, make sure to take a little extra time and effort, mixing your concentrates according to the package directions. If you’re not sure if the concentration levels are correct, it is easy to test them out. Simply pour a small amount into your cup, or even pour it into a glass, and hold it for a few seconds before giving it a good shake. These tips will help you create the absolute best concentrates possible, and they’re all natural, too!