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How light therapy can help you in your old age

With the flow of time, our age increases, and we reach our retirement age. Our ability to work decays so does the functions of our organs. Still, some tend to get fragile, and some may lead a pretty healthy life. Although it depends highly upon Karma and how much receipts she’s owed, it is possible to maintain a healthy life and enjoy it fully. Today we are going to talk about light therapy and how it will help you thrive in your golden age.

Common Difficulties Senior Citizens Face

Every human being feels the urge to thrive rather than just existing. However, a considerable portion of elderly citizens deems them as purposeless and suffers from various chronic diseases. According to the National Council on aging, 92% of seniors suffer from at least one chronic illness. At the same time, 72% of them possess more than one chronic symptom. Additionally, the statistics show that around 15% of people aged over 60 suffer from various mental health problems (Source: WHO). And the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper.  The transition from bread earner to retired fellow can claim severe tolls from a person. Depression and loneliness pin the last nail in the coffin. Thus a healthy person suddenly loses his life’s purpose, physical & mental health, and energy all of a sudden. The combination of all these isolates a person and throws him toward a bleak future. Thankfully, therapy is available, and with promo codes from BetterHelp offering 15% off, for example, it is now affordable to all. 

The Benefit of Light Therapy

A healthy mind lies within a healthy body. And light therapy can benefit both your health and mind simultaneously. It has been proved scientifically, and the popularity of light therapy is elevating with time. Light therapy can bring a drastic change and improve the quality of life. We are going to briefly discuss these impacts down below.

Physical Health

With increasing age, the metabolism and homeostasis system is decreased. Light therapy helps to restore the biological clock of the body. This results in improving metabolism and restoring homeostatic balance. Additionally, light therapy can reduce muscle pain which ultimately helps in better balancing. With strong muscle joints, one is less likely to trip and fall. Moreover, exposure to light makes the skin absorb Vitamin – D and activates mitochondria at the cellular level. That highly prevents heart failure, cancerous cells from developing, and risk associated with weight gain.

Mental Health

In addition to physical health, light therapy can significantly improve mental health. Various types of depression can be diagnosed with the help of light therapy. Moreover, the elderly population can restore their natural sleeping cycle with light therapy’s assistance. Seasonal and nonseasonal affective disorders can be quarantined by light therapy too.


It’s not rare to see the effects of aging on one’s skin. It can significantly impact one’s social and personal life. Light therapy helps to reproduce collagen and elastin protein in the skin. That allows the skin to gain elasticity and gives it a natural glow. Therefore, one can look younger as well as feeling it. So light therapy can be incredibly beneficial to improve the quality of life for one.

Process of Getting Light Therapy

The process of receiving light therapy is pretty simple. One needs to expose himself to the light regularly for a certain time. The specialist often prescribes this time, and most often, it may not exceed half an hour. If you are using light therapy for your skin, you may consider cleaning beforehand. Good quality face wash and moisturizer are recommended to use. With the proper procedure and regularity, you can gain the best benefit from light therapy.

Commonly known Side Effects

To be honest, there are not many side effects that are solely caused due to light therapy. However, some underlying conditions can arise due to exposure to light. Headache, irritability, eye strain, fatigue can be caused by exposure to light. Moreover, some skin conditions can elevate due to light. Patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder can face a maniac period due to light therapy. So, if you are facing any of these problems, consult your doctor. Reducing the intensity of the light and increasing distance can also solve some of those problems.

Presently, fifteen percent of the world population is senior citizens, which will increase to twenty-five percent within 2050. So we need to think about this vast population’s welfare, starting from now. They have continuously worked to present us with this advanced society. So you need to honor and acknowledge their contribution when they become helpless and fragile. Light therapy can help to improve their lifestyle considerably. So what about giving them a lightbox.