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The Connection between Feeling Good and Looking Good

People have always strived for perfection. It is rare to find a person who appreciates their body, no matter how gorgeous they are. 

Our desire to look our best reflects in the money we spend on personalized diets, cosmetic interventions, exercise regimens, makeup, and various makeup products.

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However, what if we are missing the point?

We get obsessed with physical beauty, often forgetting the importance of our mental and physical health.

While makeup and cosmetic surgery can help you feel better about yourself in the short-term, they force your body to look in a certain way. On the other hand, a healthy diet, exercising, and positive self-talk do not change you. They help you become the best version of yourself.

Here are a few thoughts on the connection between feeling good and looking good.

Physical Looks Are a Reflection of your Emotions 

Our emotions and physical wellbeing often impact how we look and behave. Most importantly, they influence how people perceive us.

For example, when I am in a good mood or super-proud of my new hair, I notice that I am much calmer and more confident. People around me feel that and react to me positively. 

Therefore, if you were to choose between feeling good and looking stunning, start with the first option. Looking good can help you feel better, but this is not necessarily so. On the other hand, by improving your inner wellbeing and physical health, you will also look better. You will start to appreciate and love yourself more. Most importantly, start radiating positivity and self-confidence.

Healthy Habits Are Important

Feeling good starts from within. To feel healthier, you need to improve almost every segment of your life, including your physical, mental, and emotional health. Only by striking a balance will you be able to feel better about yourself. 

For example, self-care routines can help you feel happier and healthier. Most importantly, you will feel more in control of your everyday experiences. No matter if it is improving your sleep habits, exercising regularly, or adopting better skincare routines, these procedures will keep your body thriving and radiant. Studies found that just going through a routine activity can help improve the way you feel daily.  

Your diet also impacts the way you feel and look. For example, if you have a sweet tooth, remember that eating sugar impacts more than your weight. It also contributes to increased inflammations that reduce the collagen in your skin. Consequently, it results in the development of wrinkles and sagging skin. It is crucial to be aware of your nutritional problems and be determined to resolve them.

Another major factor that shapes how you are going to feel about yourself is your clothes. Keeping pace with the latest fashion trends is not enough. No matter if it is a fine piece of jewelry for women or a sports jacket, wear the clothes that make you feel fabulous. If you feel comfortable and confident about what you wear, people will start to notice that. They will see you the way you see yourself in the mirror.

Be Kinder to Yourself

Negative thoughts are toxic. They can harm your mental wellbeing. They can also affect your appearance as much as junk food or the lack of sleep. 

That is why positive self-talk is a vital aspect of your life. Feed your body and mind with a lot of positive words and energy. Whenever you start feeling negative about yourself, create a positive antidote to encourage yourself. For example, if you have gained weight and you feel unattractive, repeat that you feel comfortable in your skin.

After a short time, you will start feeling happier and more positively. Positive thinking can boost your health in multiple ways, including increasing your life span, boosting your immune system, reducing stress, improving brain function, and enhancing performance.

Over time, you ooze with confidence. People will start to notice it. Confident people are often perceived as more attractive.

Invest in your Health in the Long-Run

Expensive makeup, beauty procedures, or fashion trends can make you feel more confident about yourself. However, they do not replace visiting a therapist, hitting the gym, or eating healthily. 

To make sure you look and feel your absolute best, you need to invest in your long-term health. Practice self-care and positive self-talk to boost your happiness and mental strength. Nothing looks more attractive than a healthy body that reflects confidence and vitality.

I hope these insights will help you!

Eve Anderson is a marketing specialist turned blogger. Interested in sports and exciting travel destinations. Love to share content that can inform people.