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Biometric Technology: Advanced Technologies Are Making Their Way into the Workplace

Biometric technology is hailed as the future of security. It has overtaken traditional methods such as key fobs, pins and passwords in workplaces. It presents a solution to various problems without being a burden on your company.

What is Biometric Technology?

High risks of cybercriminals, massive changes in company policies and data protection laws have caused advancement and implementation of technology in the work places. Biometric technology allows governments, businesses, and online services to give safe access to the system. Biometric technology comes in various forms and the following are a few of them.

  • Fingerprint scan
  • Voice recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Iris scan
  • Hand geometry

This technology allows you to have password-less authentication for increased security. It is convenient and safer. Read about top custom software development companies in UK here

Benefits of Biometric Technology in Workplace

Secure Workplace

You may have seen the process of iris scan several times in action movies but fingerprint scan is now commonly used in reality too. Many workplaces use it to ensure that only approved individuals gain entry to the office. It is even used in schools and colleges for attendance of staff and students. This is a low cost and time saving solution. 

Cyber Security Solution

Biometric technology can save your workplace not just physically but also digitally. It can present you multi-factor authentication solutions for log-in to computers. You can make sure that only the person who has authority gains access to the system and no one else.

Cut Costs

When you have a biometric system in your workplace, you are able to save time and money in the long run. Your employees can just use their fingers or face for entry into the office. They won’t have to buy cards or replace them when it’s lost. It is a quick and efficient method of authentication. 

Wellness Programs

Companies encourage their employees to join their wellness programs. It reduces the health plan cost for the employer. Most wellness programs include biometric screening in which the characteristics such as weight, height, cholesterol, glucose etc are screened and entered. This data can help the employer make adjustments to the health plan. It can also be made a part of the biometric identity of the employee, which can be reevaluated whenever needed. 

Management of Workforce

As we said already biometric technology is being excessively used for tracking the attendance, leave, time, scheduling of the employer. This has various benefits such as high productivity, prevention of theft and efficiency of payroll. 

When this data is compiled and analyzed, it can even help the companies to make forecasts, make better future decisions and avoid mistakes.

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Final Words

Some companies may feel anxious about changing their traditional authentication systems with modern technologies such as biometrics. But now they are more reliable and cheaper than ever. Biometric technology has been successfully deployed in many large organizations. Biometric technology is yet in its infancy stage in regards to market shares but it will soon become a big thing. It has a great potential for growth especially in the workplaces.