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Get Your Car Refreshed – Here’s How!

If you are behind the wheel a lot, you know how much it can suck to try and keep the car clean on the inside and the outside. You get the dust and dirt from the outside of the car and then you have crumbs, mud, and all the other grime that comes with kids all over the inside of the car. Keeping the whole thing clean is important, but it’s equally important to make sure that your car is in the best possible condition at all times. With this in mind, car detailing services can look after your car from the exterior to the interior, from Car Paint Protection Gold Coast to Interior cleaning and detailing. 

Servicing your car is important and when it comes to getting your car fixed up, you have to click here and learn about the repairs that you need to make to your wheels. The tyres need to be checked, the fluid levels in the car need to be measured and sorted, too. Once you’ve had the car serviced and it’s passed, you then need to work on the interiors and figure out how to get it as clean as possible so that you can actually refresh your car properly. Remember that you can always take professional help for a thorough interior and exterior cleaning, most often called an auto detailing process. With help from a garage specializing in car detailing near Madison WI, you can get your car to look as good as new. But remember that with a little effort, you can do it yourself too. So, with this in mind, here are the cleaning tips you didn’t know you needed!

  • Clear trash out. Go through the car front to back and look in every single crevice for rubbish, old bottles, leaves – anything that’s empty! Look under the seats, in the boot, down the sides of the seats and doors – the trash WILL hide. Take a vacuum cleaner and get down between the seats and underneath them. The seat cracks are crumb cities for bugs, so get rid of all of that, too.
  • Refresh the floor mats. Pulling out all of the floor mats and shaking them out is the first step to ensuring that you can make vacuuming much easier on you. Scrub the mats down with a bristle brush and soap and use a foaming carpet cleaner, too. This will allow you to get all of the dirt out, and then you can air it all out properly so that they can dry thoroughly before going back in the car.
  • Get the vacuum out. We talked about the crumbs being vacuumed up, the vacuum will work in the trunk of the car as much as the seats. You can use the skinny nozzle to get into the deeper areas of the car including under the pedals. Your own shoes are going to be muddy sometimes, and this is going to get the pedals messy, too. The vacuum cleaner can help and you can even invest in a handheld one!
  • Soft cloths. Wiping away all the grime with an approved car cleaning solution will help you to get all of the mud and sticky handprints off the car inside and out. You can spray something on the console, wheel and the areas between the seats to make it shine up like new again. You will be surprised how much your car will sparkle afterwards!
  • Clean the windows. Lastly, the windows have to be cleaned on the inside as much as the outside, and you can do that with the right window cleaning solution and kitchen roll!