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Why galvanised chicken feeders are better than plastic chicken feeders

When it comes to selecting the right chicken feeder for your farm, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. You must take into account how many chickens it will feed, which food you intend to feed your chickens and the environment in which the feeder will be kept. Most farmers opt for either galvanised or plastic. Read on to find out why galvanised chicken feeders are the most suitable choice for your farm.

They are stronger 

Perhaps the most obvious difference between galvanised chicken feeders and plastic chicken feeders is the material they are made from. Chicken feeders constructed fromgalvanised steel are often coated with a layer of weather-resistant sealant to prevent or delay rusting and general wear and tear. A durable chicken feeder is likely to last longer and save money otherwise spent on the cost of replacement. Plastic chicken feeders, on the other hand, are more prone to damage and breakage. They may require regular maintenancewhich can cost the farm time and money better spent elsewhere. Galvanised chicken feeders are also heavier than plastic chicken feeders. This can prevent any potentialspillage during stormy weather and reduces the likelihood of it being toppled by a particularly lively hen. 

They are cleaner 

Another benefit of galvanised chicken feeders is how easy they are to keep clean. Steel is less likely to stain or trap any stray pellets or crumbs whereas plastic has a tendency to absorb liquid and chemicals which, when mixed with food, can harm or poison your livestock. Steel can also be disinfected or sanitised and rendered safe for use in a fraction of the time it can take to thoroughly scrub plastic. Steel can also prevent the build-up of algae on a hot summer’s day and ensure your animal’s drinking water is kept fresher and colder for longer. 

They are an investment

Although galvanised chicken feeders are more expensive than plastic alternatives, the benefits outweigh the costs. Galvanised chicken feeders should be viewed as an investment that will save your farm time and money in the long run. They are hardy and robust and should not requirereplacement as often as plastic chicken feeders. Many galvanised chicken feeders can also be suspended by a ropeabove the coop. Hanging feeders should be dangled at an appropriate height to ensure each bird can access fresh food on a regular basis. Hang feeders also prevent wastage from overexcited, hungry hens. Plastic chicken feeders may be cheaper and quicker to produce but you are likely to end up shelling out for frequent replacements. 

They keep food safer 

Galvanised chicken feeders are designed to isolate food and prevent it from mixing with any germs or droppings. This can improve the overall health and wellbeing of your stock and reduces the likelihood of them falling ill and requiring urgent and expensive medical care. Galvanised steel chicken feeders can also act as a deterrent for rats or vermin who may find themselves drawn to the scent of chicken feed.

If you are unsure which chicken feeder is best suited to your farm, it may be worth investing in one made from galvanised steel.