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10 Ways To Wear Men’s Leggings

With the popularity of men’s leggings at an all-time high thanks to Hollywood celebrities (Jared Leto, Idris Elba and and Shia Lebouef are fans), famous sports stars (Cristiano Ronaldo and Steph Curry are regular wearers), and music icons like Justin Beiber and Kanye West, more men than ever are getting into this new fashion staple. 

Whether you’re wearing meggings for fashion, fitness, or festivals, you’ll be surprised at how versatile they are! Check out these 10 ways to wear men’s leggings. 

1. With a slick pair of trainers

Whether it’s black leggings with a brand new pair of Nike Air Force One’s or a hyper-colorful design with a pair of Chuck Taylors, nothing pairs as well with meggings than a sweet pair of kicks.

2. Pilates

Once the domain of fitness-conscious women, nowadays you’re more likely to see rugby players and office jockeys working on their core in the pilates studio. For comfort, flexibility and muscle support, almost everyone chooses to wear men’s compression leggings.

3. To dress an outfit up

Jeans are so two thousand and late. Okay, maybe that’s going too far – your favourite pair of jeans are hard to beat – but for versatility and sheer looks, men’s fashion leggings get the gold medal. From wet-look to snakeskin, they’ll dress up any outfit and make you look like a million bucks.

4. Jogging

Muscle support, comfort, insulation, sweat-wicking, UV blocking . . . if you ain’t running in men’s tights you’re missing out, compadre! They help to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and come in a huge range of colours so you can let your personality shine through.

5. Trekking

It can get chilly on yonder hills! Whether you’re climbing a mountain or a molehill, a good pair of thick activewear tights will protect you from the the sun and wind as well as thorns and mosquito bites. They’ll also act as thermals with insulating and sweat-wicking capabilities. Need storage? Men’s leggings with pockets can hold your phone and valuables while you’re hiking.

6. Yoga

There is simply no comfier item of clothing to wear while getting your namaste on than a pair of leggings, also called yoga pants. The best ones to go for are lightweight and breathable with plenty of stretch for your downward dogs and warrior poses. Make sure they have a gusset in the crotch for maximum strength and flexibility and fabric that moves with you. 

7. Under Jeans

This one’s from left field, but it looks bloody brilliant and will get all eyes on you. Pull in a pair of brightly colored leggings beneath a pair of ripped jeans to supercharge your street style. 

8. Bodybuilding

Pumping iron? Go for a heavy weight fabric with reinforced stitching and you’ll be right as rain when you train. Aim for medium to high compression as this will help you work out harder, for longer, and reduce the impact of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) the next day. 

9. Cycling

Cyclists are notorious for wanting to look good and outdo each other with fantastically coloured spandex. And why not? It looks amazing and also doubles as a safety precaution, ensuring cars will see you no matter where you are. 

10. Rock Climbing

For a tough sport, you need pants that are light, protective, flexible, and strong. Tough order, right? Not really. A good pair of tights will protect you against rock abrasions as well as prevent chafing from your harness if you’re using one. Shoot for nylon over polyester as this will help prevent pilling.