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Plans for Small Home Interiors

Achieving the most from our home is about planning. Whether the ideas come from ourselves or architects and designers, our aims should be with both space and pleasing aesthetics in mind. In terms of space, tiny home plans that are well thought out can still provide plenty of space for our family inside, where we desire a second home for vacation purposes. This can save on all the costs associated with a larger property, such as higher heating bills, when all that was needed was a little more thought to accommodate everyone more comfortably.

So, in this space, we shall consider how we can make a tiny house not only look larger, but also be that way practically when use its space. 

Using Walls to Save on Floor Space

When we are looking to make our home interiors larger, it will be floor space that we are looking to save. We can achieve this by making use of our empty walls. For instance, instead of having a free-standing television take up floor space, we can invest in a wall-hanging flat-screen television. This will look visually pleasing, too. The television will just hang in the area that a large picture might have done. It can display many moving pictures rather than just one still picture and have a practical purpose as well as an aesthetic one. 

Apart from using walls to save on space, you could also do it with ceilings. A ceiling fan will take up no floor space and keep you cool in summer.

Beds can attach and fold down from a wall to save on space. Also, a bunk bed can be used that accommodates one person sleeping above another to take up less space than two separate beds.


Lighting can be ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, stand on a table, or stand on a floor. We can save space by making sure that our lighting is not taking up either table or floor space where space is a concern. We must balance this, though, with the aesthetics of wanting our room to look aesthetically pleasing and the room being lit in all the correct places. This can, however, be achieved with just spotlights on the ceiling and walls that can be moved to shine in opposite directions or at different angles.

Double-Duty Furniture

Why not have your furniture serve two purposes? A table could double-up as a storage trunk, for instance. You could store your newspapers in the trunk and also use the trunk as a surface for other things. You could extend it beyond even a double purpose because you could eat off it, have it display ornaments, or sit on it, and all while it stored whatever you wanted it to. If you choose to put ornaments on top, you might want it so that the items inside do not need to be retrieved all that frequently. If they do, it might be best if the trunk’s other function is as a seat.

Considering the Activities

When planning a home interior yourself, or with the help of a professional, it is useful to think of the activities that will take place within the home. Doubling up a small area for more than one activity is a way of ultimately saving space. 

In conclusion, the plans for our home interiors should bear in mind that we want our home to look good yet not be an interior design that wastes unnecessary space. Those of us with tiny homes often cannot afford to waste any space. Particularly, where several family members are sharing the same space at the same time.