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Post Summer Garden Maintenance Tips

Okay, so the British Summertime might have only just started, but there’s always room for a little Autumn prep. 

After a long summer of barbecues, paddling pools and firepits, there are a few maintenance tasks to organise in September to ensure your garden is just as nice next year. 

Mow the lawn less frequently

While in the summer, it seems like the grass grows a few inches every time you blink, it grows much slower in the autumn and winter months. Although September is still quite warm, and you could still be enjoying your outside space, you should mow the lawn less frequently.

By leaving the grass a little longer to grow, you’ll ensure your lawn stays full and fresh for the next year. Moderate mowing will help your lawn withstand the wetter seasons while also helping it to stay strong when the seasons do become a little drier and hotter. 

It’s a bit like going to the salon for a trim; You get a little chopped off to encourage your hair to grow longer and stronger. 

Add water and fertiliser

Autumn can be a mix of unexpected heatwaves and weeks of rainfall – making managing the garden a lot harder. As such, you should try to identify areas of the lawn that are struggling more than others. Areas that are more shaded will be a little damper as the sun won’t be able to dry it out. These areas won’t need to be watered, while the areas most exposed to the sun will need a good dose. 

There’s a fine line when it comes to watering your garden in the autumn. Overwatering and using too much fertiliser could leave your lawn saturated, and it will deteriorate further.

Properly store garden furniture

Your garden furniture will likely have taken a beating over the summer, and most of it isn’t built to cope with the colder weather. As such, it’s best to clean, oil and properly store away your furniture, so it can be good as new for next year. Wood garden furniture can benefit from a fresh lick of Danish oil to promote longevity. 


If you’ve taken up a few landscaping projects over the summer, you might want to hire a skip and get decluttering – you can do the house too. Check out this skip size guide from Able Skips to see what options are available to help you get your garden looking neat and tidy.

Plant new bulbs

While the garden is super colourful and alive in the summer, it can quickly become dull and drab when the rain starts. Planting seasonal bulbs and flower beds can help you create a bright landscape throughout the year while also helping to maintain the soil for the warmer months. 

Autumn is a great time to experiment with new shrubs and plants but don’t expect things to last too long without proper care. Most plants are seasonal, so constantly switching up the garden will take a lot of work but makes a great hobby. 

We hope you enjoy the time you have in the garden and don’t forget to check back on this article for a September clear up!