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6 Advantages of Leaflets

It’s not uncommon for companies to focus solely on digital marketing nowadays when the internet is such a big part of everyone’s lives. However, marketing experts agree that combining the online approach with the more traditional one produces the best results. With that in mind, if you are developing a marketing strategy for your company, you don’t want to disregard the potential that offline methods come with. One element that you need to implement into your strategy is leaflets. Read on to learn more about the advantages of this advertising tool.

They are cost-effective

For starters, making a leaflet is very cost-effective as you can do it on your own if you’re tech-savvy. If not, the design should not be expensive as you will only need to pay for it once. Then, as they don’t have as many pages as catalogs, you will not be using a lot of paper. Plus, printing in bulk means that you might even get a discount at the shop where you print them. If you choose to print them on your own, you will also save money by purchasing paper in bulk. Lastly, you will save money as you only need to pay the hourly wages of the people that will distribute the flyers. However, if you have flyers to distribute across a whole city like London, it might be more efficient to use a London letterbox leaflets distribution service to distribute your flyers for you. If you are a small business, paying a high cost for digital marketing might be out of reach, so leaflets can be a more savvy way of getting your message out.

They can be produced quickly

Another great advantage of leaflets is that they are produced rather quickly. As mentioned earlier, you could hire an expert to design it for you. However, you can simply find a template online, customize it with your text and images, and have it printed. If you know exactly what you want to say, this can all be done in a day. No matter what your company does, from offering tutoring to producing one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, you should make the most of this opportunity.

They are highly customizable

If you find a template that works for you online, you can easily edit the text and images any time there is a change in your company. Whether you decide to increase the prices or offer more variety, you can easily alter the information on the leaflet. Moreover, even if you decide to change the layout completely and decide to go for four pages instead of two, you can still find a template that fits your vision. Additionally, leaflets come in many sizes, so you can choose the format depending on whether you think a flyer of a triptych would work best.

They grab attention

With countless design possibilities, it is very easy to create a leaflet that grabs your target audience’s attention immediately. You want it to be bold so that it catches their eye. With that in mind, you need to find the right colors and the right font, properly place your logo, and decide on your message. If you’ve done some market research, you surely know what will draw in potential customers. For instance, if you’re creating a leaflet for your real estate business, you want to motivate people to put their homes up for sale by showing them the state of the market. Provide some useful information that will prove a point and help the customers make a quick decision about contacting you.

They provide vital information

While radio ads and billboards play a big role in increasing brand visibility, giving out leaflets can increase your website or store traffic. Even though seeing your company advertised on a billboard might make the customers aware of your existence, they might forget your phone number, email, or website by the time they reach home. By having a printed leaflet in their hand, potential customers will have no issues learning more about your company. Furthermore, you want to summarize what your company is all about and list your products and services on the leaflet so that you catch the attention of individuals who’ve never heard of you before.

They are easy to distribute

Finally, a big benefit of leaflets is the fact that they are easy to distribute. From handing them out on a busy street to putting them in people’s mailboxes, you are ensuring many people hear about your company. Online ads don’t always have the desired effect as many people use ad blocks. Having printed leaflets means that your potential clients will hold them in their hands and take a look to see if they need your services. Even if they currently don’t, they might save the flyer for when they find themselves in need of what you offer.

When promoting your company, don’t overlook this useful tool. It’s easy to make and distribute and if done right, it will grab the attention of your target audience.