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Looking To Ace Your Next Virtual Date? These Tips Will Help!

Virtual dating isn’t new. It has been around for quite some time now. With the pandemic around, going for an in-person couldn’t be far from risky. 

And no, virtual dating doesn’t mean cutting on the real-life dating experience. Thankfully, there are digital tools that make meeting your dear one online worthwhile. 

So how do you date amidst the pandemic times? How do you know if you can hang out with the person in the future as well? Such questions can overwhelm you before your virtual date, especially if you’ve never done it before. 

But worry not, we’re here. We have compiled useful tips to ace your upcoming virtual date. 

Have a look.

Be Positive

It’s all about vibes when talking to someone online. Make sure your body language is positive, so is that of the person you talk to. Consider starting off with a smile and telling them how the other person looks. Anything to cheer up the other person right from the moment the date starts. 

However, do not become insensitive and force jokes if you think the other person isn’t responding well. They may be going through tough times owing to the pandemic. It is advisable to initiate smiles and topics depending on the other person’s mood. 

Another great tip can be to let them talk more. People feel more comfortable when they are heard. This will also help instil a positive vibe in your conversation. 

Set Your Camera 

Before we get started, let us say this: if you’re going on a virtual date, presentation matters. And you’ll do amazingly well if you set up your camera ahead of time. 

If you plan on using an external web camera, make sure its resolution is at least 1080p or more. If you are connecting from your iPad or iPhone, you won’t need to do anything. Trying to adjust your picture during the virtual date can interrupt the conversation and the other person’s mood.

Fix Your Lighting

It’s important to have a great overall lighting scheme because the placement of the lights can depend on how inviting or uninspiring your virtual date can look. 

The last thing you’d want is the other person guessing how you look. Sure, it can affect their mood and energy as well. Besides, think – would you appreciate talking to someone with a blurred face and 480p resolution? (God no!)

So, consider opting for soft, diffused lighting to create interest and set the tone right for the conversation. 

Try to Stand Out

A lot goes behind making a virtual date successful. 

Be liberal in planning your outfit. Make eye contact with the person and say hello. If you’re nervous, explain that you’re just nervous about meeting up with them in person – nothing more. You should also show up on time and be authentic. 

Also, show up in a great mood – not because it’s mandatory, but because you are genuinely excited to see the person, and a good mood will set the mood right. 

Remember – the goal is not to impress them but to make them feel good about themselves. This will ensure that your virtual date is not only successful but, most importantly, a memorable one!

Final Word

Virtual dating is a great way of getting to know someone, especially when you can’t go outside. Unlike the in-person date where there’s more pressure to perform, virtual dating still gives room for a relaxed approach to getting to know someone before you meet them face-to-face.

Moreover, after you are done with the virtual date, you can surprise your date by sending personalised gifts from Edible Blooms. It can be a chocolate bouquet, flowers or other gift hampers; these gifts can be a token of appreciation and can flourish your bond even more. 

Happy dating!