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What You MUST Do To Secure Your Online Store 

How can you secure your online store?

Have a bot detection and DDoS protection system

It is estimated that up to 50% of all online traffic comes from automated bots. While not all bots are built for nefarious purposes, they are a go-to tool for hackers and scammers. While most security efforts are concerned with hackers, you should never forget to protect yourself from competitors using unethical business strategies.

Your competition could have bots that scan your page, mining pricing details and clogging up your bandwidth. A bot detection system could put a stop to that, freeing up your bandwidth for valuable customers.

Man businesses have been crippled by DDoS attacks which use a bot army to completely clog up your bandwidth. Luckily, most reputable hosting platforms will offer you DDoS protection, usually at some additional cost. This security investment is worth it, as a DDoS attack can shut down your e-commerce website for weeks.

Regularly back up your website

There is no single security measure that can guarantee your website’s security with 100% certainty. Always be prepared for the worst-case scenario by regularly backing up your website. Most reputable hosting services have a RAID system that stores all data on multiple disks. This ensures that if the main server is breached, or malfunctions in any way, there are backups that can be brought online at a moment’s notice.

Every single second that your website is offline costs you money. Not only are you missing out on potential sales, but you are still incurring the cost of maintaining your online infrastructure.

Apart from regularly backing up your website, you should put in place a content delivery system (CDS). This creates multiple copies of your website on different servers. This not only increases the ease of access enjoyed by your clients but there will always be a copy of your website online at any given point.

Constant vigilance

One of the reasons why hackers successfully breach security systems is their persistence. Most online business owners will focus on security at the launch of their business, but their interest generally tapers off. You should not make this mistake. 

Update your security solutions regularly, and keep an ear out for any new products getting into the market. Never forget to use a VPN when logging into your admin area and ensure that all your employees are well versed in the security countermeasures that you have in place. All it takes is one slip-up to undo years of work. Maintain constant vigilance. Also, check your suppliers. Choose a cheap VPS with good security.

When considering the cost of recommended security measures, think about the potential losses you can suffer if your site is breached. A single breach can cause your e-commerce site to be considered unsafe by potential clients. It might even lead to expensive lawsuits if consumer data is stolen.