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Tips For Making Your New Bar Stand Out From The Crowd 

Today, there are many bars and pubs, many of which share the same look and feel. And yet they continue to find success as the public will never lose the desire to visit for a few drinks and some socialising after work or on the weekend. Due to this success, more and more bars continue to pop up, saturating the industry, which naturally stirs up competition and dilutes profits for everyone.

Finding some way to stand out from the crowd is essential for any business, and for bars today, it is more important than ever. We’ve put together a few tips on how you can do this to bolster the number of patrons visiting your establishment.


Your goal should be to become a leader of innovation in your local area. This means that, as well as staying ahead of the curve and up to date with current trends, you need to be thinking on your feet and coming up with your own ideas. These can be menu changes, hosted events, and general features of your bar.

One of the essential elements of your bar is, of course, the selection of drinks you have on offer. Finding new and exciting cocktail ideas, and coming up with your own, is a great idea, so why not host some staff-only cocktail evenings where you can all try your hand at inventing something new? And don’t forget to find high quality, local brews to put on tap too. Being known to offer new and exciting drink choices each time someone visits is an excellent reputation to have.


Steer clear of the cliché by switching up the design of your bar. Continue to care for the furniture and keep the place looking fresh with new layouts and décor. You could also retrofit the whole space if you feel it’s become too generic. There’s no shame in thinking this about your bar, however. 

Remember that it’s all about what you do next after identifying this issue. Why not choose a brand-new theme altogether? Choosing an era or culture to focus on with your bar, whilst being respectful, is a great idea. Maybe you’re a big fan of the 80s, and so you can decorate your bar to be retro-themed, filled with neon lights and retro arcade machines. The machines offered by the Arcade Depot are perfect for this very thing, and many even double as tables for drinks. This can give a home arcade vibe if done right, with a variety of potential game machines placed in.


A vital part of this process is to market your bar to potential customers. No matter the business, marketing is one of the most critical aspects of success, even if you believe that your success relies solely on those passing by on the busy high street. 

While the location of your bar is a great contributor to footfall, getting the word out on social media can direct even more people towards your bar and help you gain more regular patrons. Remember, many bars have begun to focus on quality social media marketing and keeping up with your competitors is essential to maintain your success. This process is critical if your bar is slightly out of the way.