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How To Be a Good Landlord and Why It’s Important for Your Income 

If you’ve ever rented property in your life then you probably know exactly what it’s like to have a bad landlord. They’re uncooperative, they always chase you down for the smallest things, and they’re also extremely difficult to communicate with. All of these problems can make for a really miserable experience when you’re renting a home, and it’s pretty easy to use that as an example of how not to treat your tenants if you ever get on the property ladder.

However, that might’ve been a very long time ago. Perhaps you were just a student when you had a bad landlord, or maybe you’ve got your own house now and have forgotten what it’s like to rent. Or maybe you’ve acquired your first real estate property recently and have never known what it’s like to deal with an uncooperative landlord for a long time. Whatever the case may be, we’ve put together this helpful article to help you learn a bit more about how to be a good landlord and why it’s extremely important for your income.

How to be a better landlord for your tenants

Let’s start by talking about how to be a better landlord for your tenants.

Openly communicate with tenants

Tenants will feel a lot more appreciated when you start giving them ways to openly communicate with you. Give them your phone number, your email, or even invite all of your tenants to a group chat so that they can communicate with you and their neighbours whenever there’s a problem. When you create a sense of community like this, it makes things easier for everyone involved. They’ll feel safer, they’ll feel like someone is always listening to their concerns, and it also brings the wall down between tenant and landlord, turning it into a much more friendly relationship where you can be open with each other.

Be concerned about their safety

One of the best ways to show that you care about your tenants is to show concern for their safety. This can be done in a number of different ways, such as an EICR test (electrical installation condition report test) that helps to identify if there are any faults with your fuse board, switches, or sockets that could cause a potential fire hazard. Once the EICR test is completed an EICR certificate is issued which details the condition of electrics in the house. You should also be concerned about the overall health of your tenants by getting rid of problems like mould in the home, and you should be open to any suggestions that they might have regarding how to improve their experience with your property. If you do not do this and leave the property you are renting to fall into dangerous disrepair, you should be prepared to face housing disrepair claims from your tenant.

Help your tenants adjust to their new home

It can be daunting to move to a completely new home, hence why it’s important to help them settle into your property. For example, you could let them know about the local area and offer suggestions on where to go shopping or where to eat. You could also let them know about their neighbours if they have any, and you can also offer to change a few things around the house after their viewing so that you can make it more comfortable for when they finally move in. just make sure you don’t promise anything unreasonable and stick to what you are willing to do in order to make your tenants more comfortable.

When there are problems, handle them professionally

There’s a good chance that you’re going to run into some kind of problem with your property in the future, and your tenant will likely file a complaint or let you know in an annoyed or angry voice. For instance, maybe the heating in your property is broken or perhaps you have noisy tenants that are affecting the rest of the building. In a situation like this, it’s best to remain as calm as possible and to listen to their grievances. Only then can you calmly negotiate and solve the problem while keeping everyone happy. Remember that they’re frustrated and are likely going to say things that may exaggerate the situation, so make sure you keep your cool and don’t be afraid to get serious if they’re making unreasonable demands.

Be consistent with your service

If there’s one thing that tenants dislike, it’s when landlords are inconsistent with the level of service that they provide. If you’re super friendly with your tenants one week then really cold the next, then it can really make you feel like a fake landlord that puts on a facade whenever it suits them. As long as you’re consistent with how you provide your service, your tenants will know exactly what to expect from you.

Although you can get friendly with tenants, you need to remain professional

While it’s completely possible to be friends with your tenants to some degree it’s always a good idea to maintain a professional relationship with them. This just makes it easier when there are problems or disputes to handle, and it ensures that you’re able to look out for their best interests instead of letting them get away with things such as damaging your property. While it’s perfectly fine to be friendly, make sure you draw the line so they don’t take liberties with your kindness.

Why being a good landlord is important

So why exactly should you focus on being a good landlord? What benefits does it come with?

  • Your income will remain steady. When you’re a good landlord, you’re more likely to attract tenants and hold your current ones for longer. People are far more likely to pay you on time and stay with your rental property if you treat them with respect, and this ultimately helps to make your income steady. This means more money, bigger profits, and less stress in looking for new tenants for your vacant property.
  • Your property will be respected by the tenant. If your tenants aren’t happy with you then there’s a chance that your property won’t be respected. They might not treat it very well because they want to look for a new place to move to, or they might even cause damage to the property intentionally which may increase the price of repairs when they finally move out.
  • You’re less likely to get called out for something. These days, people aren’t afraid of airing their concerns on social media. If you’ve done something to upset your tenant and it’s completely unreasonable, then you’re likely going to get called out on social media and this can quickly spiral out of control. You could be harassed by people on the internet, you might get fewer tenants staying with you, and your name might be plastered all over the internet. This seems like an incredibly worrying event, but rest assured that it won’t happen to you as long as you’re focusing on being a good landlord.
  • Creating a good relationship with your tenants makes life easier for everyone. When you have a good relationship with your tenants, everything just becomes a lot easier. Things get communicated better, you’ll learn to enjoy their company, and things don’t need to be as rigid or strict. With a great relationship, you’ll find that it’s just easier to handle things like repairs or grievances that your tenants may have.

As you can see, being a good landlord can ultimately help you maintain your property and ensure that all future tenants enjoy their stay with you. However, it’s also about building a good relationship with your tenants so that there are fewer disputes and arguments between you. The better you get along, the happier everyone is.