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3 Tips For People Whose Skills Don’t Suit Standard Employment 

It is easy to feel as though the modern job market isn’t the place for you, especially if you have been through a few jobs and found yourself struggling to really fit the mould. The way that recruitment has developed in recent years really benefits people who befit a certain specification: the right qualifications, the right soft skills and the right routine to fit into a process which often prioritises volume over uniqueness. This is at least part of the reason why self-employment and small business entrepreneurship has become so attractive to so many.

Looking for a job has become tricky for people whose skills are derived from a more offbeat area, and it’s no surprise that these people, where they do go along with the flow, find themselves feeling unfulfilled in a standard employment role. And so it is worth considering whether there is more to be achieved by eschewing the “normal” route, and finding a way to make your interests and specialisms fit into a business of your own. Below are just some examples of how that can work.

Becoming a YouTuber

It’s not easy to make money from online content, whether in text form or the more immediate medium of YouTube videos. But if you have an instinct for visual media, then YouTube can be a means of making money, and one which can pay in large sums. People in general are ever more divorced from the standard ways of watching TV, preferring to stream their favourite shows, and short- and medium-form video content is now increasingly easy to watch on smart TVs.

You do need to have something that makes your channel stand out (without overstepping the mark into controversial content that is likely to get your videos or entire channel demonetised). However, if you can talk engagingly about a subject – including ones which may seem to be very niche – you can attract a lot of subscribers and potentially make a more than decent living from YouTube. There are people who have become millionaires entirely off the back of online videos, often making content that would have been rejected by most TV commissioning editors.

Embrace the “alternative”

It’s easy to arrive at the conclusion that only conformity can pay – after all, the biggest companies in the world tend to shy away from deliberately controversial or “difficult” topics. In the same way that the most popular paint colours tend to be muted, essentially bland shades that won’t actively offend anyone, big business tends to play the percentages in order to commandeer a bigger market share. So it’s easy to feel you have to “sell out” if you want to sell anything.

However, the market dominance of safe and simple products and services does mean that people who want something a little more alternative are often left wanting. If you can harness that offbeat energy, you can benefit from the relative lack of competition. A bookstore that specialises in alternative, fantasy tomes can attract a faithful crowd, and there’s scope to widen your remit by selling alternative fashion items, CDs and even investing in custom tarot card deck printing to carry out readings or for sale to interested customers. There will always be people interested in exploring alternative culture, and it’s a positive, supportive atmosphere in which to work.

Become a freelance adviser or consultant

There are some skills that it is hard to mould into a ready-made job, even though they may be extremely useful to a lot of businesses. Think of all the companies out there who can’t afford to keep a Polish translator on their staff, but who do a lot of business with Poland and could do with a trusted speaker of the language. This may not describe you, but the likelihood is that there is something you can do that is esoteric enough to be extremely useful in specific situations.

Advertising yourself as a consultant or adviser can be beneficial to your prospects of paying work. It’s worth considering current trends when considering how you might do this. A good example is to think about skills you have that might be useful to a company looking to work greener. The next transformative changes in the business world are going to be focused on delivering a zero carbon future, so if you have any skills relating to green tech or reducing carbon footprints, they’re only going to get more “in demand” as time goes on.

If you find that it’s stressful and unfulfilling holding down a job in the more conventional market, don’t lose hope. There are ways and means of turning your specialised skills and interests into something you can make a living from.