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The Fine Balance Between Helping Your Kids and Teaching Independence 

It doesn’t matter if you’re already a father of many or will soon become a daddy for the first time, you want to give your kids the best support in life to ensure they succeed. But, there is a fine line between offering support for your kids and not allowing them to be independent. Straying too far to either side of the spectrum can come with issues, so how do you achieve the perfect balance?

Show Them Options 

Deciding on their future is difficult for many kids, especially when they are around 16 or 17, and they are still not entirely sure of themselves. Some parents might try to push them towards a desired career or into further education after leaving school. They might think they are doing it for their kids’ benefit, but this risks putting them in a box where they don’t feel comfortable. There are numerous post-school opportunities to explore, from university to Engineering Apprenticeships that will give them a taste for working life, but they won’t know about this unless you show them.

Use Your Knowledge 

Even before leaving school, you’d hope your child has a part-time job so they can build their resume and earn some money. But, kids of this age have other things on their minds; they are still kids, after all. You can look for jobs for them and use the tricks and secrets you’re familiar with for finding the perfect job. This is also useful after they leave school or university. Of course, all you can do is find the jobs, it’s up to them to complete the application, and as resistant as they might be, they’ll soon realize how important a job (although not necessarily a career) is. 

Encourage Creativity 

Real-life is not – and should not – be all about work and making money. Independence does not solely come from earning a living. It also comes from the things they love to do. Creativity is a fantastic way for your kids to learn more about themselves and gives them the chance to express who they are. This does not even mean traditional creativity, like making music or painting. Instead, encourage them to find a hobby they love as this can lead them down a path that would be hugely beneficial for them. 

Be a Superb Role Model 

Finally, your kids will have no better teacher than you, so you can be a superb morale model by living well, showing compassion, and doing everything you perhaps wished you did when you were their age. They will look to you for advice, and if you can teach them independence, from making repairs around the house to taking care of their body and mind, you will set them up for success in all aspects of their life. 

Balancing Act  

Every parent wants to support their kids, but they also want to see them become self-sufficient. If you consider these tips, you’ll generate a suitable support bond between you and your child while still giving them the tools to get on with life the way they want.