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Becoming A Work-At-Home Dad: 4 Career and Life Benefits 

When you’re a parent, everything you do is for the good of your children, whether this is relating to romantic relationships, your lifestyle, or even career choices. Especially if you’re a single parent, you may struggle with juggling your career and your little ones, or you may experience feelings of guilt due to leaving them in the care of your friends, family members, or day-care workers. Rest assured, this is entirely normal amongst fellow parents, and no matter whether you have children or not, finding and maintaining an appropriate work/life balance can be challenging.

Undoubtedly, working parents and individuals with caregiving responsibilities require flexibility within their careers by taking advantage of flexible work options such as staggered hours, working part-time, or working from home. Although working from home doesn’t eliminate difficult decisions and prioritizing tasks, it offers plenty of career and life benefits for fathers willing to take the plunge. Becoming a work-at-home dad can be difficult, which is why we’ve created this article listing several career and life benefits for those struggling to make this important career decision. 

Improves The Relationship Between You, Your Children, And Your Partner 

Opting to become a work-at-home father can improve the relationship between you, your children, and your partner (if you have one). Working from home can increase the dynamic between family members, as you’ll have more time to do the tasks that you usually wouldn’t be able to if you were working in an office. From using flexitime to attend school events, spending breaks or lunch periods with family members, and reducing childcare, there are many benefits that home working can grant fathers and their families. 

Not having to travel to work in the mornings and evenings also frees up this time for spending quality time with your children or partner despite having to work during the day. Plus, suppose that your partner was the primary caregiver before you opted to become a work-from-home dad? In this case, working from home may help you understand how challenging it can be to juggle children and work and lead to you appreciating both you and your partner’s contributions and what you both do more.  

Allows You To Work In Whichever Location You Choose 

Whether you are self-employed or work for a company, becoming a work-from-home parent can benefit your career by giving you more flexibility with your chosen work environment. On childfree days, you could choose to work from an internet café, somewhere abroad, or even while traveling on public transport. Or, on the days you must supervise your children, you can efficiently work from different areas of the house or even outside in the garden as home working doesn’t tie you down to a precise location. Coworking spaces provide freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers with collaborative environments where they can work, network, and innovate alongside like-minded individuals, fostering creativity and productivity.

On the other hand, suppose that you’re self-employed and you’re looking at branching out your business. In this case, you could consider expanding your business by making your working experience virtual and investing in virtual office space. Virtual office space enables business owners to use all the traditional office services minus the physicality. It allows you to take out space in specific countries or worldwide without opening a physical premise from Wall Street, New York, to Orlando, Florida.

If you’d like more information, you could consider the offerings of providers such as PhysicalAddress.com, whose website outlines all the available locations in the U.S and the prices of such. They also take care of office-related services such as mail virtual forwarding, shredding, and non-parcel storage, giving you even more flexibility as a work-from-home dad. 

Challenging Social/Societal Stigmas And Norms 

Not only can becoming a work-at-home parent benefit your career and life, but it can also help tackle societal/social norms and stigmas surrounding the male population and parenting. From commonly accepted comments such as “Uh oh, look who got stuck babysitting this weekend,’ to “She looks so cute, did Mum dress her today?” comments like these do nothing but inadvertently reinforce gender norms that have no place in our society today. 

Tackling these damaging social/societal stigmas and norms means that fathers are viewed as equal as mothers in parenting opposed to someone that is called upon when a mother needs a break or a ‘favor.’ Not to mention, it also helps to tackle social/societal views surrounding masculinity and fatherhood, so that they become more positive. Nowadays, there are hundreds of reasons why a man might switch to a work-at-home parent, from disability, illness, or even because their partner earns more, and it makes more sense to be the primary caregiver while their partner works. 

A working parent who makes the switch from a physical office to becoming a work-at-home parent will undoubtedly start to realize how working remotely cuts down on other work-related costs. Working from home can cut down on various work-related costs from shelling out on your professional wardrobe, vehicle maintenance, gas and lunches, or coffee-to-go. Allowing you to put the money you would have spent towards something more worthwhile, be it a family outing, a vacation, or home improvements.