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What are Vegan Toothpaste Tablets and What Are The Benefits? 

Toothpaste tabs are created from condensed powdered toothpaste. They’re compact and substantial, more akin to a pill than a paste. They may be packed and sent in recyclable glass or paper containers, obviating the need for tubes — which are often a mix of plastics and metal. As with gel toothpaste, vegan toothpaste tablets are available in a variety of tastes and types.

Toothpaste tablets are just what they sound like – powdered toothpaste without water that has been compressed into a tablet. Rather than squeezing toothpaste from a tube onto your toothbrush, you place a tablet in your mouth and chew it into a paste before inserting your toothbrush and brushing normally.

Is Toothpaste Vegan?

As with other items, some toothpaste are vegan, while others are not. Unfortunately, some toothpaste manufacturers employ animal-derived compounds, and many large brands continue to test their ingredients and products on animals. Something that contains animal products or is tested on animals is not vegan.

Everything you need to know about Vegan Toothpaste tabs

We must search for more than animal residues while selecting vegan Toothpaste tabs. Some Toothpaste tabs include glycerin, which is derived from animal fat and hence not vegan. It is used to sweeten and preserve Toothpaste tabs, as well as give a humorous touch (or not). It is a biodiesel derivative that is also used as a coolant and a cleanser. To put it simply, you do not want this garbage anywhere near your house; it is detrimental to your teeth!

Why Would You Want to Switch to Toothpaste Tablets?

Simple and minor adjustments to the size, shape, and material of products have been shown to result in decreased carbon emissions. Traditional toothpaste contains typically between 20% and 40% water to prevent the product from drying out. Another option to eliminate the need for unnecessary plastic packaging is to use waterless, compact sanitary goods such as natural shampoo bars, eco-friendly laundry detergent tabs, and toothpaste tablets.

Apart from decreasing waste, toothpaste tablets provide additional advantages where regular toothpaste falls short. For instance:

When taken as tablets, you can always depend on receiving precise quantities and never having to bother about squeezing the last few drops from the tube’s bottom.

Tablets eliminate the potential of unintentional accidents associated with conventional toothpaste tubes, particularly for children.

If you share a sink with another member of your family, using tablets prevents germs from spreading between the toothpaste tube and your toothbrush.

Additionally, because of their tiny size, they are ideal for traveling, since they can be brought practically anywhere for on-the-go dental care.

Are vegan toothpaste tablets beneficial to your health?

Toothpaste tablets provide the same advantages as traditional toothpaste, only they are not packaged in a tube. Tablets contain the same key chemicals as capsules, including baking soda, potassium nitrate, calcium carbonate, and sometimes fluoride. These tablets are meant to be effective and thorough in their cleaning in order to support strong, healthy teeth and breath.

The Advantages of Using Toothpaste Tablets

There are several reasons why individuals convert from traditional toothpaste to toothpaste tablets for their dental care regimen. While these pills make brushing easier, they also provide several additional benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly, plastic-free, and recyclable
  • Travel-friendly and convenient for on-the-go (including inside your carry-on baggage)
  • Convenience without mess
  • There are no additional preservatives (depending on the brand)
  • There is no possibility of cross-contamination.
  • Almost anybody may use it since it is gentle and safe.

1. Contains no potentially hazardous chemicals

Because toothpaste tablets are waterless, they do not need the chemical preservatives found in pre-chewed toothpaste. The pills are available with or without fluoride and are manufactured with plant-based substances that have potent cleansing qualities.

2. Reduction in plastic waste

Each year, Americans discard almost 400 million toothpaste tubes, the majority of which are constructed of an aluminum-plastic composite that cannot be recycled. Currently, all brands of toothpaste pills on the market are plastic-free.

3. Convenient for travel

Because conventional toothpaste is classified as a liquid under the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids restriction, switching to tablets frees up room in your carry-on and checked luggage for other priceless elixirs. And you’ll never have to struggle with a toothpaste tube squishing open and spilling toothpaste all over your belongings.

4. Waterless

Water accounts for between 60% and 95% of beauty and personal care creams, lotions, liquids, gels, and pastes — and a significant amount of water is required to manufacture the billions of plastic containers in which they are marketed. Water-free items, such as toothpaste tablets, are often packaged in environmentally friendly, water-conserving packaging.


Toothpaste tablets are definitely worth purchasing if you can afford them and are committed to reducing your plastic impact. Toothpaste tablets are safe to use and give comparable oral health advantages when made with fluoride. Additionally, they are quite useful for travel and on-the-go usage.

When some dentists are hesitant to recommend toothpaste tablets in place of conventional toothpaste, having toothpaste tablets on hand as a supplement to your dental care regimen while traveling, camping, or eating out is absolutely beneficial. This way, your toothpaste tubes will last longer and your total plastic waste will be reduced.