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How to Enjoy Working from Home (and Not Get Jaded) 

Working dads are busy boys. They have a lot of responsibilities that aren’t always easy to manage. 

Going out to an office is a break from home and separates working life from home life. Yet, when working from home, that separation is often lost. This can make being happy and remaining productive a difficult balancing act.

Staring at the same four walls, becoming uninspired can be problematic if you must remain motivated. Here are some suggestions for how to enjoy working at home and avoiding becoming jaded in your environment. 

Redecorate to Create Inspiration

The original choices of decorations from the paint to the furnishings may have been largely inspired by a limited budget after purchasing the home. A few years down the line, that may not be the case now. 

The living and working space must provide plenty of inspiration. If you’re happier in your surroundings, it stands to reason that you’ll produce better work too. 

The changes you could make include hanging framed photos on the walls, replacing inferior flooring with Victorian floor tiles to add some design flair or more greenery indoors. If you have other décor ideas, try those as well because our tastes are unique. 

Create Fixed Hours for Working

When you’re embracing the global economy, you may find yourself trying to match international hours. Responding to people in the evening, not just during normal working hours, means you never allow your brain to rest. This will only lead to feeling less enthusiastic. 

Create fixed hours for your work. Ensure that this provides a window to receive and reply to messages. For instance, a UK person with an American client can check and reply to emails or phone calls before 5 pm and catch the person in Seattle at the start of their business day. 

Take Necessary Breaks

Working continually without taking breaks will only lead to less efficiency and more mistakes. It can also badly affect your mood if you’re not eating right and keeping your system well balanced. 

Take a break from your work area to visit the kitchen, go outside into the garden, or engage with your family if they’re there too. Get your mind and body temporarily away from the desk, so the break does some good. Then return and get the work done.

Use a timer app or reminders to create blocks of work time and schedule breaks. This way, you won’t forget. 

Don’t Skip the Exercise Routine

Getting caught up in work and then spending time with the kids, skipping a workout can become a habit. Instead, make it a reward for a good day’s work. Then it’ll be something to look forward to. 

Going out to exercise, to breathe the air and stretch your legs, is ideal. If you prefer to hit the gym, then ensure it’s got the equipment you need. Giving your body a good workout will allow you to reset before the evening, then you can return fully engaged for your family.

There’s a knack for enjoying working from home. When liking the living space, taking regular breaks, and having other things to look forward to makes it all worthwhile.