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How to Rock Workout Leggings and Look Fit and Stylish 

All of us have a stack of leggings in our closets, most of which see the light of day only when you need to go to the gym. Sure, leggings are a primary workout piece of clothing, but they can be styled in so many ways and worn for many occasions. Today, when shopping for gym clothes, you should think “Can I wear this in the street?” Contrary to popular belief, high-quality, useful, and attractive womens gym clothes are available at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for fresh ways to wear your leggings outside the gym, take notes:

With a denim jacket

If you want to start your journey light and casual, grab your vintage oversized denim jacket and just throw it over your leggings and crop top (a tiny crop top will balance the oversized jacket perfectly). To reverse the vibe yet stay balanced, you can try this combination: leggings+tunic t-shirt+short denim jacket. Finish the look with runners and maybe some statement sunglasses and you’ll look equal part chic and casual. Due to layers, you can sport these two outfits all through spring, summer and fall and be comfortable all day long. If you’re a big fan of rocker, alt or cool-girl looks, this will get you there in no time.

With a cropped hoodie

If you’re looking for a super sporty and casual combo for your leggings, a matching cropped hoodie will fit just right. A Black and white combination is classic, but you can attract some attention with a black and orange fit or red and gray—these add some color to your look yet have a very 2022 vibe. This outfit is perfect for running errands or taking a brisk walk in the afternoon, and you’ll feel comfortable and secure the entire day. To elevate your outfit a notch, a pair of shades and a bag will be just what you need.

With a duster

If you want some extra coverage that will also look stylish and modern, grab an oversized duster coat and throw it over your effortless leggings and t-shirt or even sports bra combo. To make your duster pop, you can throw on a sweater or a long-sleeved t-shirt on top of your classic black leggings and finish the look with stilettos. To cinch the silhouette, a tie at the waist might be a good idea. Rock this outfit anywhere from university to Casual Friday at work or your local coffee shop—no one will even notice that you’re wearing gym clothes.

With a camel coat

If you’re aiming for a more sophisticated look that’s also very comfortable and suitable for all-day wear, you can accompany your black leggings with a chic turtleneck and wool camel coat. If you finish the look with ankle booties or loafers and add a structured bag to the entire thing, you’ll achieve an outfit that’s perfect for work, shopping, coffee dates and jet-setting. If the weather outside is cold and windy, an oversized scarf will fit your outfit perfectly!

With a puffer jacket

Winter usually seems super long so you might run out of outfit ideas in February. In that case, you can keep up with the cold weather and stay looking fresh and innovative with a look that involves leggings, winter boots and a puffer jacket. With winter boots and a puffer jacket, jeans and other pants can look overly bulky, but leggings will give you that streamlined and minimalist look.

Cheeky top

If you’re planning to go to a music festival or rave party, you need something comfortable for dancing all night, and there’s nothing more comfortable than leggings. Opt for printed leggings (the crazier the better) and finish your look with a cheeky top for that acid house vibe. If you’re more into darker variations, you can accompany your printed leggings with a black sports bra and a mesh top over it. High-top sneakers will match your look perfectly and allow you to dance your heart out without killing your feet. And of course, raves give you the freedom to accessorize with bandanas, glow sticks, face stickers and crazy necklaces and glasses.

As you can see, leggings have gone out of the gym and into the streets, and it was about time. If you’re a fan of casual outfits that look good and feel comfortable and suitable for many occasions and weather conditions, leggings combined with any of these pieces above will fit you perfectly.