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Mother of All Homeware: John Lewis 

Who doesn’t know about John Lewis’ incredible range of homeware? Whenever I visit a John Lewis shop, it seems like stepping into a fine art cave. Ali Baba vibes, with items ranging from desks to unbelievably comfortable armchairs, and avant-garde lighting gear. You might be looking for high end beauty, men’s clothes or garden decorations. In any case, you’d be surprised at how many great gems you can get from John Lewis.

I felt like writing about the John Lewis homeware collection today – maybe in the future, we’ll touch on some other bits. But for now, the bedroom, dining room and living room furniture will be my core focus. Most importantly, I’ve been meaning to tell you all about the John Lewis lighting collection. So, if you’re looking for floor lamps or wall lighting to bring in a touch of modern into your home, you’re definitely where you need to be today. Without further ado, let’s talk about the best homeware and lighting to elevate your personal space!

John Lewis Furniture

John Lewis has always enjoyed a high-end image, hasn’t it? Bet you didn’t think how affordable most of their posh-looking furniture actually is. As if an affordable price point wasn’t enough, you can actually get anything you need to redecorate your home. The furniture spans from comfortable armchairs to read an engrossing book after a tough workday to coffee tables and TV stands. 

If you’d rather take care of the bedroom first, you can mix and match dressing tables, chests of drawers and wardrobes all more beautiful than the next. I’ve always been of the opinion that decorating is a mix of structure and creativity balanced out and swiftly married. I also strongly believe that trusting John Lewis when picking out bits and pieces to freshen up your home’s look is one of the best decisions you can make. Especially if you like a homey vibe that helps you focus when needed, and relax when the time is right.

When it comes to picking out dining room furniture, several options are possible at John Lewis, as are they for the bedroom and living room. You can choose to go the John Lewis & Partners way, with higher end designs and materials. Or you can go the John Lewis Anyday road, meaning you’ll have more affordable options. If you thought the Anyday range would only rely on classic looks, think again. The designs are also perfectly curated for modern homes and fast-paced lifestyles. 

John Lewis Home Office and Storage

Well, who needs to go to Currys when John Lewis now offers a cool selection of laptops and printers? Times are moving, so is John Lewis, with electronics meant to hold your hand for your everyday tasks. Aside from this beautiful surprise, what I mostly love from the home office collection are the desks and chairs. 

Sure, you can get the full stationery game from John Lewis. But the table lamps, desks storage, and design of the desks really are details that will help you reach your goals on a day-to-day basis. 

Shelving units are particularly useful if you’re looking for an all-in-one way of keeping your home office tidy, so you might want to take a look at the super avant-garde designs John Lewis has got going on both in the Anyday and Partners sections. Kids won’t be missing the beat, with cute moon-shaped shelves and mini-bookcases – a great way to get them interested in both reading and home decor. 

John Lewis Lighting

Now, what I really couldn’t wait to write home about today is the John Lewis lighting. While you can basically get lighting anywhere today, none will have the groove and style that John Lewis infuses in their lighting designs. Once again, the range is majorly split between the two John Lewis brands Anyday, and John Lewis & Partners. This ensures we can really find lighting gear for all budgets, no matter whether we’re looking to get a hold of a desk lamp or lampshades.

You know how home decor is a subtle art; change one detail, and the whole room looks different. That’s why being able to snatch a spotlight ceiling bar for under forty pounds, or a garden solar lamp for £20 (now discounted at £10, too!) is an unmistakable move. You can even get a black floor lamp, whose price can soar exponentially, for just £24 in the stylish Anyday range! Out of all the beautiful lighting items John Lewis has got discounted now, my favourite might very well be the crystal droplets ceiling shade, which you can take home for less than forty pounds. And best believe, that is one high-end looking shade.

At the moment, the super trendy John Lewis lighting range enjoys plenty of discounts that will help you save up to 50% off. As much as I love home decor, I love being able to save on big purchases so I can improve other things around the home as well. You know, the kind of smaller home storage that you always need and remember you forgot to buy once you’re back home. So, doesn’t this honestly look like the perfect moment to update some bits and bobs at home?

John Lewis Homeware: A Definitive Hit

I’ve always been, and will always remain a great admirer of people who have a refined eye and taste for home decor. I love it just as much as the next guy, but when I choose to upgrade my surroundings, I want it to be easy. Hassle free. And definitely not one to break the bank. 

So it seems like the John Lewis lighting and its current amazing discounts, home office, and furniture for all rooms and styles you might dream of, is the best choice at the moment if you’re looking for stylish homeware that will not set you back a tremendous amount of money. And why not, once you’re done with the selection of your new furniture, just pass by to get one or two new bits for your wardrobe too? I won’t tell, promise.