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How to arrange a Provencal-style living room? 

Provence is the aroma of lavender, a mild, warm climate, stone houses and beautiful views. This is what the Provencal style is like, full of lightness and coziness. Arranging a living room in the Provencal style is not difficult, moreover – it is very often a work of intuition. Everyone likes to be surrounded by what is nice, light, positive and charming. And how not to lose yourself in such an arrangement? How to arrange an interior in the Provencal style to make it both fashionable and classy?

Provencal-style living room – what colors?

The Provencal style is primarily light, gentle, a hint of romanticism, but also natural, associated with the landscape of fields and meadows. That is why the most frequently used colors in the Provencal style are all shades of white and beige. Pastels are also welcome – mint and pistachio green, dirty pink and blue. The colors are supposed to be calming and fresh, stronger accents are possible – like lavender violet – but they do not dominate the Provencal interior.

What accessories for a Provencal-style living room?

Accessories play a large role in the Provencal style, but they are not chosen by chance. The style is quite decorative and rich in details – a lot of stucco and floral motifs in it. Old-style vases and candlesticks are welcome, combining elegance and a kind of idyll. Wall decorations are also of great importance. Canvas prints depicting Provencal still life or landscapes will work perfectly in the Provencal style room. It is also worth introducing plants into the interior, both live and dried, as well as wooden decorations.

Textiles are also important in the Provencal style. Pillowcases, acrylic prints, table runners and curtains are something without which a Provencal-style living room cannot exist. They should also be light, airy and in pastel colors.

Provencal style living room furniture

When choosing furniture in the Provencal style, you should pay special attention to those made of natural wood. Staining the furniture is welcome to show its natural texture. Classic board furniture is also a good idea, but it should be matte, with natural patterns. The high glosses should definitely be forgotten! White definitely dominates when it comes to the color of Provencal-style living room furniture, but you can also try small accents in gray, turquoise or lavender. This is how the perfect space for romantics is created!