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6 ways to generate income with just your laptop

There is a wide variety of ways in the 2020s in which someone can make money to support themselves and their loved ones. The world of work has changed. Previously, you may have had to fill in a number of job application forms or submit your CV to various employers in order to find work. But nowadays, you can make money simply through the use of your laptop.

Photo by Lovefreund

Sometimes, you don’t even need to draw greatly upon your skillset if you are to make money. Instead, you can go online and see what is available for you as a means to generate income. 

Here are six ways you can use your laptop to make some money quickly and effectively. 

1. Create a blog page

If you think your writing skills are up to scratch, why not try creating an online blog page? 

Blogs are a great tool for expressing your thoughts and connecting with other people on the Internet. Blog pages can also be used to upload visual images and comics. You can choose to write about specific real-world topics, or you can create fiction that can go out as chapters every week. Sometimes, you may even be able to create content that people can download, such as murder mystery scripts or game packets.

In order to make money off a blog page, you can include a paywall to have your visitors pay for your content. Paywall service providers can help you to do this if you’re not sure how to do it yourself. Or you might run a subscription service or donation page to encourage people to invest in your content.

2. Start a small business

During the pandemic, many people decided to go online to sell products in order to make a little extra income. While this may only appear to be a quick and casual way to make a modest amount of money, a fair number of sellers decided to take this a step further and create a small online business. This was through such channels as their own websites and marketplaces like Etsy. 

If you have a hobby, such as knitting, drawing, or sculpting, you may decide to advertise it online and open your own shop. This can help you get started with turning a passion into a business. 

It is vital, however, to make sure you advertise your shop effectively and always keep your customers informed on the status of their orders, as part of a complete, professional, and responsive service. 

3. Become an SEO expert

If you do not wish to open your own business, why not help other people run theirs online? SEO stands for “search engine optimisation” and is used to help certain businesses become visible through the power of keywords, advertising and website optimisation. 

You can find a wide range of SEO courses online that you can use to help you understand the world of SEO. Once you have done this, you might even use these skills to open your own SEO agency and advertise it to the world, using keywords like“SEO agency London”. Learn SEO, and you will find that you only need a computer to earn your income. 

4. Work as a freelance writer 

Content is key when it comes to improving the visibility and strength of a website. You will find that a wide range of businesses want good content on their blogs and websites to help them incorporate important keywords. This process aids a website in improving its visibility on various search engines. 

Keep an eye on job websites or freelance writing job websites, like Fiverr, to see what projects become available. You can even make a website for yourself and advertise your services on social media to develop your profile.

5. Make an online/virtual course

Do you have a specific skillset in life? If you have trained in a specific area of work, but need to make some extra income, you may want to set up an online course that can help other people. 

Once people have paid to access your course, you will need to structure modules that can help them learn the trade you are offering. This could be through live-streamed or recorded videos. You may also wish to create booklets, PDFs, tests and questionnaires to provide them with additional support. Just don’t forget that you will need to market your course yourself. 

6. Sell your photographs online 

If you enjoy taking photographs, but are unsure where to use them, why not put them online for content creators to utilise? Content creators are always looking for ways to make their content more visual. Therefore, they need to be able to find stock images to go with their blog articles and other written content.

Consider putting a paywall up to encourage content creators to buy your photographs. That way, you can get paid while putting your photography to good use!