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Tips for finding the perfect home for your family

One of the major parts of being a great dad is the idea of providing for and protecting your nearest and dearest – and few things offer more protection than the family home. A home provides the base from which to grow, to nurture and support your kids and your significant other.

However, finding the right place for your family can often feel like a daunting process. For the majority of people, buying a home is the single greatest investment they’ll make throughout their lifetime, and should you end up getting it wrong, reselling can prove a nightmare.

If you’re in the process of moving home, below are some considerations you should put on your checklist to ensure you find the very best place for you, your kids and your partner.


Without exception, the location of a home should be top of your list of priorities. There can be little coincidence that property experts the world over always repeat the mantra, “location, location, location”. 

The location of a home will affect everything from its resale value to the level of convenience it offers your family in terms of getting to work, getting the kids to school and even just simple things like goingshopping. Also, unlike pretty much every other aspect of a house, there’s no changing where it is – so choose that location wisely. 

Research effectively

These days, it’s easier than ever to research a house – everything from finding out about its local amenities to checking its previous sale history and price. Spend time looking online and checking reputable real estate companies like www.whitakerseager.co.uk. That time spent investigating will pay significant dividends later.

Work out your available budget

There’s little point researching and looking at houses unless you have a least an idea of your available budget. Unless you have a bottomless pit of money, your choice of home is likely going to be dictated by what you can borrow via a mortgage

Think about the space to grow

Very often, people buy houses based on their here and now, status quo circumstances – paying little attention to the fact that their lives may (and likely will) change significantly over time. Buying a home that will give you the opportunity to grow as a family will save you from having to move later and enable you to form generational memories and connections to the property, neighbourhood and community. 

Consider your storage requirements

If you’re lucky, you may find a home that already has everything you need in terms of storage space, but again, this is very much a case of thinking forward and trying to predict how your circumstances might change. Take the time to think about how your life may change in the future. Do you think you’ll need a second car when you have children? How about the chances of starting up a home business, which may require lots of storage of stock or crafting materials? Try to think ahead as best you can.